102 bde and shit sprogs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by fatty_69, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. what are your views im interested to know
  2. My view is that I miss salt and vinegar monster munch.
  3. did they ever do that flavour??????????????????????
  4. I should rephrase one self.......that is to the pi55 poor performance of sprogs leaving trade training ....with a lack of trade training...... unable to drink alcohol....no longer able to carry out initiation tasks
  5. Yeah, if you don't remember them then you are, by definition, a shit sprog yourself. Get the brews on.
  6. soz old sweat
  7. well, it's been emotional mate but I'm guessing that the Wedge / Fatty dialogue is just about to be consigned to the hole...
  8. Maybe if you weren't "fat" yourself they would be on similiar drinking wave lengths to you. Can't believe Blandford didn't teach them that, maybe they were busy learning fitness and trade??????
  9. trade training and fitness do not go together at blandford but judging by your quote you are a stab...so i forgive you for your lack of knowledge ......OUT
  10. Was in for 7 years and am now a stab! What i do know is that everyone thinks the sprogs after them are useless. This is an age old argument, but i'm sure the "fat" guy who's only role in life is to prop up the bar, doesn't pass his fitness tests is a far worse beast. If your that good train them, they have no experience. How good at driving were you after you passed your test?
  11. why train what has already been trained....7 yrs wow you should do the training.........+
  12. So when you left the factory you were sh!t hot at your job and havent learn't a thing since?

    Yes trainees are leaving with trade deficincies, that's just a crap situation we're in, however it's upto people like you to ensure they recieve adequate training once they reach their unit.

    Unless of course you're just a bitter and twisted siggy who's got another crap CR while one of the sh!t sprogs who's been in 5 minutes has got the A1 you feel you deserve cos you're a good lad on the lash.
  13. Cow

    Cow LE

    Are you on Rems? Being part of the fat club and all that? As Bull said, training deficiencies are nothing new. With 1 operator trade what do you expect? It's not ideal but thats the way the Army is going to work from now on.

    Be the big man, step up and pass on your knowledge. Passed you CLM yet? DIT trained? Progressive OJT works, they get specialist training on the equipment they're going to be using from someone who knows the tricks of how to get it working.

    Doesn't sound like you though does it? You'll be too hung over...
  14. Sounds like someone got in the sh1t because a sprog wouldn't drink his welly full of p1ss.

    Want to tell us about it porky?
  15. Thats because Blandford are wasting time on pish like the winds of change sh!te instead of instilling those virtues saddly missing in a number of sprogs being churned out: relying on units to pick up the pieces.

    Respect of elders, trade ability, drinking ability, physical ability to name a few

    Before anyone gets on there band wagon and starts gobbing off the above is by no means an all encompassing occurrance as there are plenty of lads come out that are top notch, its a shame though that there is unfortunately a significant number who are not.