101st in Iraq


Did anyone just watch the newsnight report? Those eagles were surely screaming.


Very interesting use of language at the end, caught my attention, they referred to the captive soldiers as 'takfiri'. Kinda lost in translation, but it does not directly translate as 'terrorist', it actually means one who declares unbelief against a believer.
I had an opportunity to work with these boys not too long ago and believe me ,you would be hard put to find a finer bunch of young men.This war will be won by the soldiers or lost by the civilian pentagon leadership.


I felt a bit sorry for the young guy who said he couldn't see troops ever leaving with a 'they're too lazy' comment. I have a feeling despite his service in country his indoctrinated protestant (massive assumption here) work ethic found it hard to understand the locals. I got the feeling it was as if he was looking down a long barren highway with a long journey home barefoot...
Bloody hell, threataining to arrest every last one of their allies and humiliating them just because one or 2 insurgents have infiltrated the ranks of the IA and lobbed a couple of grenades into the compound. some looked close to tears and deeply offended and angry.

They really don't get the whole hearts and minds thing do they. Expect more grenades in the future boys.
Very difficult to form an opinion based on a snapshot of life there - it smacked of the journos having an agenda and editing out anything but the message that they wanted to portray - a failure to win hearts and minds.

There was no in depth analysis, no balanced picture and no explanantion of the bigger picture. That said, those incidents did occur and it is unfortunate that even minor incidents like this take place; a collection of them adds up to a problem.
Nehustan said:
Did anyone just watch the newsnight report? Those eagles were surely screaming.
Yes. It was cringing to watch, but also it was a poor piece of cheap journalism which shot its message in the foot.
Worth watching from 35' 10" into the programme.

Adam Ingram and Lord Garden go head to head which exposes some interesting views.

a) the timing of withdrawal
b) lack of British influence over US policy
c) whether we are doing more harm than good
DodgerDog said:
You mean Task Force 'Band of brothers'?

Cheesy or what but that was the name they went by out here.
Basing a name after a TV program, the thought of it, imagine anyone in the British Army doing that I mean.......

Best bit of that was the septic chatting to the IA bloke about things being better under Sadaam

"Would you give up freedom for water and electricity ?"


And he couldn't get it could he, people will give up ANYTHING for survival

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