101st Airborne Question, WW2; Combat Jump Stars

Here's a fellow featured in the series Band of Brothers which I'm sure alot of us has seen, he's one of the few men in the 101st to have 3 combat stars over his jump wings after making the jumps into Normandy and Operation Market Garden with the rest of the division and making a third after being assigned as an observer with the 17th during Operation Varsity, so 3 combat stars.

Is there anyone else who had or has 3 or more combat stars on their jump wings, or how about the authorized maximum, 5?

Lewis Nixon (U.S. Army officer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Basil Plumley had 5 - four with the 82nd Airborne in WWII and the fifth in Korea with 187th Airborne Regt.
Command Sergeant Major Basil Plumley 4 combat Jumps WWII. 1 combat Jump Korea with 187th Abn Bde

82nd -Sicily, Salerno, Normandy, Holland, Sukchon, or Munsan-ni not sure which.
Basil L. Plumley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

William Windom-Actor 82nd 4 Jumps ETO
off hand I would say less than 100 men have made 5 Combat Jumps

505th PIR 4 combat jump roster
505th Regimental Combat Team (505rct.org)
Note some are listed as making further jump in Korea or Vietnam

and CSM Mike Kelso of the infantry school at benning boys academy has 6 but not under US forces. At the time he was a member of 3 Commando Rhodesian Light Infantry
It stands that Captain Lewis Nixon was one of the few men in the 101st during WW2 to make 3 combat jumps, although there was another Sergeant Wright, and mind you Captain Nixon was lucky; being the jump master he and 3 others got out before it took a direct hit :|

Lt. Col Ronald Speirs would later make a combat jump in Korea to get his third but it stands at the time Nixon was one of the few in the 101st, and not bad for someone who allegedly never fired his weapon in combat.

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