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  1. I went into the office sometime in march 08. On April 1st (yes my application is referred to in the family as an april fools joke) I went into the office, took literacy and numeracy tests, and the BARB tests. It was then I was given the medical thingy to take to my dcotors.

    I guess some recruiters and offices may do things slightly differently, but I wouldnt be an authoritive voice on this. Just offering my experience of things.
  2. Yeah thats what I thought seemed the case with most people, might be that i used to suffer with asthma as a kid though and he wanted to get that checked out before I bother taking a barb test. But thats come back fine on the medical they just wanted a little more info on headaches which are also fine so hopefully he will let me take my barb while this secound medical form goes through to save me some time.
  3. If you had asthma as a kid, and presumably have not had an inhaler prescribed in the last 4 years (doesnt matter if you have used it or not) then you should be ok.

    Though they may book you in for a spirometer test at ADSC, all it is, they measure your breathing by blowing into a tube, stick you on an exercise bike for 10 minutes with cold oxygen pumping into you. They then take your breathing on the "tube blowy thing" straight after those 10 mins, and then about 10/15 minutes after you have finished the bike riding too.

    Nothing to worry about at all, piece of urine.
  4. Yeah it seems first medical form I filled out dint raise any problems with asthma just they wanted more information on the headaches which are fine.

    Hopefully I can book this barb test on monday!
  5. No point in wasting time and effort on somebody who is medically unfit to ever join. You need to pass the medical first and then you do the numeracy/ literacy/ BARB tests. Even then people still fail the medical at ADSC.
  6. As im sure I said in an earlier post, I did all of my medical testing after Id done my BARB tests and the other stuff. Makes sense to do them first, as the MOD pay your doctor £65 for that medical thingy. So why would it make sense to spend that £65 before doing some tests that use a small amount of electricity up.
  7. Why does it make sense to waste a busy recruiters time with some lying wannabee who thinks he can blag his way into the Army but is asthmatic or taking Ritalin for ADHD etc. After spending time on the candidate testing, interviewing and writing reports you find out he was never going to get in in the near future after spending the same £65. Its a bit more than using a small amount of electricity on the BARB test that you think it is. Very few people get below the minimum score on the BARB test so the recruiter has got nothing to gain satisfying the candidates impatience.
  8. I didnt get my interviews and the mass wastes of time until after the medical was cleared.
  9. As I said i declared my asthma on my medical form and my doctor also comment on it, no further questions were asked it was just further on look into my headaches which have caused this delayed.

    What im saying is I dont suffer from headaches since i was about 6 and my medical records reflect this.

    Its just seemingly the fact that I said yes to have you previously sufferd migranes or headaches.

    And as i know this shouldnt cause a problem was going to tell my recruiter this and see if he would go ahead with the barb as the last medical form took ages.
  10. barb test and gp forms dont mean shit tbh.

    ADSC is the make or break of everyones army career.

    And the army would rather waste £65 on your doctor than £30k training a duffer to conk out in the middle of afghan causing his muckers to get shot, wasting more MOD money and british blood.

    You aren't in until the end of Phase One imo. Thats when the weak have been broken and the ones who really want to be there are still there.

    ADSC : Physical Strength and Potential
    Phase One: Mental, Physical and realising that potential.
  11. Going off the topic thought really arent we
  12. I think you believe I am having a go at you - I'm not.

    The best use of the recruiters time and effort is to get the medical out of the way first. The medical is completely out of the control of the recruiter and is "medical in confidence" between the GP, yourself and the Army docs. If it turns out you have got psariasis, flat feet, are a self harmer with psycho problems etc and haven't told the recruiter (which you don't have to) the recruiter hasn't wasted his time. Believe it or not they are not just sitting there playing minesweeper between your visits. Apart from office admin they have to get out and about doing school visits, job fairs. mock interviews in schools, connexions etc. The medical takes the time, once you have got that out of the way the rest of the process can be quite quick.