101 year old woman takes her kit off

The money raised will be used to buy a football strip
A 101-year-old woman has posed topless for a charity calendar to promote a children's football team.
Nora Hardwick, who will be 102 next week, decided to pose behind the bar of her local pub in Ancaster, Lincolnshire dressed only in a pink scarf.

Nora is Miss November in the calendar, which is supporting Ancaster Athletic.

She said: "I am always game for anything, especially if it's for charity. I did enjoy it, though I don't suppose I will do it again."

Football strip

Donna Moodie, 37, landlady at Nora's local pub, the Ermine Way, said: "I thought if Nora would do it, then everyone would. She's amazing."

As well as Nora, mothers of some of the team players have appeared in the calendar.

Ancaster parish councillor Sandy Ford-Pain, whose husband Jonathan still coaches the youngsters, said they hoped to sell 400 calendars.

The money raised is being spent on a football strip so a second team can be set up.

Mrs Ford-Pain, 35, posed as Miss December for the calendar. She said they had raised £1,000 last year by asking men in the village to pose nude
The whole stunt was stopped by H&S apparently................

..........they were concerned she was going to trip over her tits!

I'll get my coat.
I think we should be grateful for small mercies.....Grantham in where Maggie Thatcher is from...now that would be a nude calender to miss!
Hold on a minute you youngsters. For us old ones this is good news.

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