101 uses for Sven or any Lib Dim

Ah, much as I laugh at them, the septics have a good idea.... into the Nevada desert to dig man-ish sized holes.
Chief Rabbi of the Gaza Strip's first Synagogue.
No. All of them. £21000 a year to rubber stamp DofE policy. How much was your fcuking council tax again? We don't need them. They have no power and are redundant.

My lot put out a referendum asking the following question: Do you want:

a) a 2.5% Council Tax increase? or
b) a 5% Council Tax increase?

That stupid question cost the council tax payer £20k to answer!

Now guess what we voted for.

(Hint: it wasnt option b)
Whoaaa, I know, this is the Big N, but........the way tax is spent these days, whether it be local or national is scandalous. Everyone agrees about that, and just mumble around like a pack of central Europeans, who incidentally do most of the hard work in the country whilst everyone else is either pissing it up or on the dole, or mumbling in front of some type of screen. Time to get up, or be trampled on. Me, I piss it up in a central European country where I never have and never will claim dole, like them, I work for my beer tokens, and, sadly unlike them in their own country, I do give a ferk about where it's all going. Humanity will soon be history at this rate.
Madoff now, but when will the next financial oops that the regulators never saw be revealed? You thought that ringsting feeling was due to a kebab, didn't you....


John Prescots bike seat


Traffic Cones
.Sven said:
John Prescots bike seat
well that wouldn't get used much would it - the fat Bast*rd. Besides LibDems spend so much time up Big G's backside anyway!


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I know this maybe the only one in support, but:

Grassing up Labour Lords to the police (services) for accepting money to change laws.


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