101 uses for a crap terrorist

Here's one to get you started:

1. Provider of Pizza Hut bacon bits (you'll have to shake him a bit first though - and peel him off his hospital bed).
2. Garage forecourt attendant. Safer than you think considering how crap they were.


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5. Valet parking for Mercedes and Jeeps.


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9. Shoe leather resistance tester.


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10. You can shout "You fucking black bastard" at the crispy critter without getting nicked for racism.
11. Stand in member of "The Blazin Squad" I too will fetch my coat.
12. Ali GeeHadist replacement - "Is it because I is black, brown, purple and a little bit crispy around the edges".
13. back up dancer for prodigy ( firestarter )
13. The part of the Human Torch in "The Fantastic 4 - Part 3 - Rise of the Burning Driver".


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A stunt double for the contents of an ashtray.

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