101 Regt RA(V) - Info request.

Looking at puttng in a posting pref for the said unit.

Having looked at their website, it seems there are possibly 3 slots available for Sgt CL1 Electronics Tech. Anyone know which locations / Bty these slots are in.

Also if you have served with or experiened the unit, any info will be welcome.

I was at 39 Regt RA a couple years back and 101 was a dream posting. The quarters are excellent and the singlies got to live in a civvie flat in Town. The obvious social life is excellent and the work was steady i heard. Like about 4 Techs per vehicle so count that as steady :p


Ive been told that there are no slots for Regs any more. A tech Sgt mate of mine was posted there from 39 but got it cancelled and he was sent to NI instead. That was of a year ago so unless its changed then I believe thats the case.
I had a very enjoyable time at 101, good set of guys and girls. The only pain is the amount of weekend work (as a PSI), however the nightlife made up for it. :D
Having spent the best 2 years of a full career at 101 as the Gunner Sigs PSI, I can recommend it as an excellent posting, be prepared to commit to the hours and extra work needed and you will enjoy it to the full, Steve B***ars was radar tech at the time :D
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