101 RE (V) - do they still exist?

Hello to all ye knowledgable types on the ARRSE boards.

I'm moving to London in the next few months and was hoping to join 101 RE when I got down there. But, a little birdie (aka mate in 24 RE) told me that 101 got regularised and doesn't actually exist as a TA unit any more. Is this true? If so, is there still some form of TA EOD Reg out there?

Hope you guys can help. I thought I'd ask the ARRSErs as the army.mod website suggests that 101 is still TA, but I trust my mate (well, enough that I know he's not giving me a wah).


Except Google is sometimes wrong! The units have all be moving around and the Army website hasn’t been updated.

Yes 101 are now regular; but they have retained 2 TA squadrons, while the 3rd squadron, 217 sqn (the “spceial” ones) were moved and are now part of 33 EOD.

217 Sqn are based in London, SHQ in Ilford (East London) with a Troop out in WhiteCity (west London)

Give the number here a ring:
Territorial Army - Ilford - IG1 1SW


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So whose in Tunbridge Wells now? The TA Barracks with the big FO winged bomb outside it and a sign saying Royal Engineers that I drove past on Sunday?
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