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"Soon" i will be posted to Aldershot. Do any of you have the inside story on MQ's? i.e. which area/s should i bid for?


The best MQ area will probably depend on your rank. By your use of the word "Gents" at the start of your post, I am guessing you must be a SNCO. 8O

As a general rule Aldershot itself is fairly grotty and the outlying areas are better (Church Crookham etc).
The quarters at North Camp are modern and fairly decent. At the opposite end of Queens Ave there are more quarters which were part of the new build programme in 2000 that replaced the OBUA complex known as Salamanca Park. All told they are better than most garrison town FMQs. The only let down about Aldershot is the amount of very fat soldiers posted there now. Is it being used as the BPFA failure posting?
Salamanca Park, Goose Green Park and Talavera are quite good. Salamanca are brand new, and some of the others are getting on a bit, but are quite spacious. Try and avoid Waterloo, as i remember its a bit of a toilet.

As for aldershot, dont listen to all the nay sayers. Its got everything you need in the town. You can spit on the M3 and its only about 40 minutes from london on the train.

I spent 3 years there, and loved it.

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