101 log bde. Is it as bad as 102. Let the battle commence

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 26fun_Lover, Nov 20, 2006.

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  3. The Units Should Be Nuked from the face of the earth and out of the royal corps

  1. Yawn!
  2. Is there a keyboard attached to your computer or a nokia mobile phone? I can't understand a chav word you have written.
  3. Are you one of the 4 who have still not been caught from that website
  4. Thats very bad England from a Sqn Commander....
  5. What the fück does this mean:

    "Fergy i like aeromen too mate there kl ppl who ever the * they are".

    I'd fücking AGAI you just for being an illiterate cünt.
  6. I think that moaning about the grammer is getting away from the subject of which unit is worse? :?:
  7. Biffta. I note that you are in Aldershot. Want to expand on your thoughts?

    Oh, and it is "grammar"....
  8. No, not really having only been at one of the units i cant really judge between the two, after reading the posts about 102 it would seem they are having a worse time of it.
  9. Biffta, do you really believe that reading whinges on this forum will enlighten you as to which of these units is the 'worse'; it's like suggesting that the Daily Mail is accurate. The fact that fun_lover has withdrawn his post suggests that he posted under the influence of stupidity, whereas you appear to have posted an equally stupid post while sober.
  10. Erm... just found out about this site....... very impressed!!! with the arguement though, id have to say that although both units sound fun 2 be spending 3 years at!!!!! 101 is in Aldershot and what a shithole that is!!
    102 has got a lot of benefits being in germany..... and i think we all know what they are?..... so im sorry 102...... was green but the unit broke me..... ive signed off coz of it!!! p.s. weve got sperm 4 a unit badge where as u have an axe.. think we win.............
  11. What is FFS!!!!
  12. It's a slang term that is commonly used on this website. I'm not sure what the letters stand for but in summary it indicates what a great loss to the Corps a chap of such high quality as yourself will be.
  13. have no opinion on 102. But i do know the Bde Comd 101 is a good guy, having been my OC once on tour.

    That doesnt mean the units within it command the same respect. I left one of the two 101 "Tpt" regiments in the summer and count myself as having a lucky escape............(It wasnt the QOGTR one!).
    For those of you within that unit and off on Herrick next year, good luck and i will see you soon!