101 Log Bde HQ and Sig Sqn (261)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by peeleo, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. Hey,

    Just got a posting order to this unit and have heard a LOT of bad things about it, some people go as far as saying that its worse than where i am at the min, which i find really hard to believe!

    Wouldn't mind an insiders perspective on the unit if there is anyone on here thats either there at the min or just recently been posted out. I've heard as well that something stupid like 60% of the unit have signed the dotted line and are getting themselves out that way rather than sit tight for 3 years!!

    Thing is, i've had a lot of mates posted out to various units in the corp recently and i would say about 90% of them have said that their new unit is, shit, boring, just as bad as.... etc now i know that a posting is what you make of it n all that jazz but surely this many people can't be whingers that aren't doing anything to make their new postings enjoyable???

    It's kinda leading me to believe that the corp isn't as glorious as a lot of people would try to convince you it is, and, having signed back on early this year with only a few months to push , i'm starting to think about trying to re-badge. I dont regret my decision to stay in the army at all, especially in economic times like these, but i'm seriously doubting whether my future lies with the signals.

    Cheers for any advice or info about 101
  2. Don't let the door smack you on the arrse on the way out.
  3. Chances are that you are posted to 261 Sig Sqn which is now affiliated to 11 Lt Bde. HQ 101 Log Bde no longer has a Sig Sqn attached to it..... which is a clucking pain in the arrse!

    PM me and I will check the "postings in" for HQ 101 Log Bde for you.

    RGR AR
  4. Burn the heretic!
  5. lol i still think the guys n gals in the signals are awesome, the leaving speeches say it all, " this has been the worst unit ive been too but the people in the sqn have been awesome" etc thats all you ever hear people saying.

    A posting is entirely what you make of it and somewhere thats bad for someone might be awesome for you, havin thought about it i'm lookin forward to being back in the uk and i think that on its own will balance the scales no matter how bad some people say the unit may be, i was just saying that it seems the candle burns stronger at one end wherever you go in the signals i.e the work end is like a forest fire and the enjoying life end is fighting a brave battle but merely flickering.

    So the door wont be hitting me on the arrse just yet thank you, maybe a re-trade is in order, even though technically i may as well retrade to pioneer given all the stonebridges and barbed wire i've layed in the past 6 months, i dunno, join as an AS OP and in 4 years at 1 unit ive done force protection and mt work on tour and i'm now building stonebridges for a living, i cant say theres no variety in the corp thats for sure
  6. Or Corps? Its the same everywhere mate.

    I wish you all the best on your rebadge/trade.
  7. Its not that bad here, if anything things have got better since being with 101.
  8. Just found out I`m posted in soon!! is it that bad?
  9. Again - depends on if you are posted to HQ 101 Log Bde or 11 Lt Bde (261 Sig Sqn). PM me before lunch time and I can check the Postings In for you!
  10. I'm not one to run down a unit simply to be 'jumping on the bandwagon' but my time spent at 261 in 2006-2007 was a pretty dark period in my life! Not because of the guys (who were typical Royal Signals soldiers and therefore awesome...) but because of the stigma of being a logistics brigade hq. The guys just couldn't motivate themselves to 'fight for comms' when those comms were being used by the lazy, unprofessional hq staff and then to have the credit taken by one of the worst ops teams i've ever had the misfortune to work for. (with the notable exception of the Foreman) I also had a sneaking suspicion, although no definate proof, that the Sigs used 101 as a backwater to keep rubbish SNCO's and Officers from damaging units that might actually have a chance of getting deployed. The point at which i left aldershot was a definate light at the end of the tunnel, even if what i moved onto was considerably more challenging! To end on a positive though, since the transition to 11 light brigade i've heard nothing but good things about the place. Heres hoping the switch to a fighting brigade has finally cleared out all the dross at the higher levels of the unit!
  11. Alot of the girls and boys have signed off, the unit has left itself a little short of "unit experienced" man power for the upcoming afghan tour next year, it will be mostly guys and girls that have only just started working together that will be deploying together, i wouldnt fancy it! I spent 3 and a half years at 26fun and although i winged and moaned about it whilst i was there i enjoyed it!!! great bunch of lads and aldershot is wicked on the lash, its close to london and guildford.

    The main place of work is in a condemmed garage on ordanance barracks and it is warmer outside than inside in the winter months. they are doing repairs now though and have managed to fix some of the lighting so that you can see when the sun starts going down a little earlier in the evenings (just to ensure you dont pull the old we cant work on cause there is no light!), but still no sign of that heating getting fixed since hmmmm,,,,2001??

    The accomodation is split into a few blocks on buller barracks but is soon to move to the z type on st omar barracks. it was "soon" to move about 6 years ago but from the looks of st omar its gettin there now.

    as with any posting its not where you are its who you are with, the lads who are still there now are a wicked bunch. go with an open mind and a sense of humour and you will enjoy it.
  12. Well mate the Ops team were that shite that nearly all of them got promotion. You say that the switch to a fighting bde has cleared out the dross at the higher levels, well that is for only the Herrick tour and then they revert back...so only time will tell TB
  13. Edited again, its now not that bad here again.
  14. Bump for this.. how is it these days?