101 FS Bn REME

Just found out that I am posted to 101 FS Bn in Wrexham, does anyone have any information on this Unit and area etc.

Thanks in advance.
Wrexham is a dogs dinner of a place, ive been there are lot since its where my OTC and REME HQ are (im 101 Bn REME also) but its nice enough. Plenty of pubs though. About the unit in particular? well my OC has told me about it, you are HQ for 101Bn, i cant remember exactly what proficiency you guys are though. You aren't recovery, the company i am in is recovery. I can find out for you on wednesday, but it might be quicker just for you to ask your OC
are 101 changing to a TA unit within the Army 2020 review?
oh it's a lovely place to be based, oh hang i've been their, no it's not!
We are hybrid atm, my OC has informed me that we are participating the Army 202 review. thats going to be fun, REME are going to effectively wipe off most of the current coys off the map and replacing them. 101 will be TA.
Their HQ is based in Wrexham, wit TA companies across the midlands. They also have two regular army coys, both in Germany. The unit is currently deployed on Op TOSCA (Cyprus UN tour) but also has some soldiers deployed on Op HERRICK (Afghanistan).
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