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I converted an ex-RAF Gutersloh 101" into a camper van and, after a few years great fun and memorable trips, I reluctantly sold it on through a dealer to a chap who was planning a RTW trip. Please can anyone advise me if there is a way if I can find out whether the vehicle is still in circulation, has been scrapped or re-registered abroad? It was on plate A309JPB.
Many thanks


There's quite a few in SA. Might be worth looking at some of the sites there. Shipping is approx GBP1500
Get the form from the post office, think of a reason, send your £2.50, they reply in a week. That's the DVLA checked, dunno about RSA


The enquiry is complete

The vehicle details for A309 JPB are:

Date of Liability 01 01 2012
Date of First Registration 29 07 1992
Year of Manufacture 1982
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 3455CC
CO2 Emissions Not Available
Fuel Type Heavy Oil
Export Marker Not Applicable
Vehicle Status SORN Not Due
Vehicle Colour CREAM
Vehicle Type Approval

There you go, still going strong

linky DVLA Vehicle Licensing Online


There is an ambulance conversion at the Thatched Garage
Worth looking at if you cant buy back the other one. I have seen one like it used a lot around town, owned by a chap with a disabled son and used to take him to swimming classes/aquatherapy at my local leisure centre. I suspect he grew out of the solihull sofa disease!


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Davwood, Thank you very much for that good news. I still have some of the original vehicle docs etc that I would like to send to the new owner together with original pictures of when I stripped it back to bare body and converted it. For those interested the V8 was replaced with brand new Mazda 3.5 Turbo diesel. Ambo body extended 2 feet to the rear and rear of the body sealed off with a panel with a full width ''çaravan' style window. stable door and drop down side step added at the passenger side for access to rear accommodation and a door through to the cab added. I used the original winding mechanism that raised the patient bunks to raise a piano hinged pop top roof that gave 7 foot clearance inside, with the roof joined to the pop top with a flexible curtain with fly screened windows. The roof had powered vents, with lights and speakers etc mounted in. The dining table dropped between two bench seats to make a generous double bed at the rear of the vehicle and the camper had a stove and grill, fridge and freezer, water purification, 12v pumped water, gas geyser for hot water and full height shower cubicle with cassette toilet. The escape hatch from the ambulance body went into the cab roof which was ali chequer plated so that I could BBQ on the roof away from the crowd below. It was great fun to build and a great vehicle to own and drive. I built it with money earnt working as a civvy on Tristan da Cunha and St Helena after leaving RE. It saw some great trips to music festivals, diving weekends and rugby trips. I even used it as a temporary home when I joined the Fire Service although the Station Commander did get a bit bolshy when I plugged it into the station mains. i shall post some pictures when I can. I went on to convert several standard vans to DIY campers and now I am in UAE I would love to find a good old ex-military truck to convert for the desert camping trips. Problem is now I have kids I need a crew cab.
Thanks all who replied and best regards
Unlucky for you DVLA will not give you the current owners details or location of it in case your of a pikey discount disposition. I'd imagine contacting the 101 owners website might help you get in touch with the current owner as I'd imagine they are a specialist niche unlike normal selfbuild campers


You could write it up as an article with pics for the website and or magazine and as a final note ask if anyone knows where it ended up? I'm sure they would like that!

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