101 Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by moodymoddy, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. I'm going to pop down to a local Squadron which forms part of the above Regiment. (Decided it would be better than a National TA unit)

    I plan to ring up on tomorrow or Tuesday, and then pop down during the next parade night to have a chat. If all goes well then I may follow the TA route and study for a degree instead of going regular right now.

    I have the unit details so I'm not asking for anyone to google for me! I was just looking for anyone with experience with this Regiment - looking for ideas on the chances of a mobilization, whether the chance of becoming an EOD Operator is likely.. etc.

    I'm going to make up a few questions to bring with me, maybe even a copy of my CV to read through - talk about my interests etc. Anything else I should consider?
  2. From what I know of them, a good bunch.
  3. First I think you should consider why you wish to join a TA EOD Squadron in view of your two Rgeular army choices ... if you join the Regulars post degree will you still be going down the infantry or medical route? If so consider that for your TA experience. Secondly, I see (from your signature) you have been medically deferred ... will this also prevent TA service?

    As regards experience with 101, I was a PSI with one of the Squadrons back in the late 90's and they were a good bunch. But like all TA units there were those who turned up and performed (and good they were to) and those who didn't bother unless the bar was open. The dedicated guys were as keen as mustard and would often deploy on ops and gain some valuable EOD experience. There were others I wouldn't trust to douse down a burning fag butt for fear of a multi casualty situation arising.

    But bear in mind you won't be drilling into and neutralizing bomb fuzes on day one. It takes time to qualify and really you won't start doing any ticking bomb stuff until you are a SNCO or officer if you go that route. But the opportunities do exist for deployments ... EOD is a growth industry!
  4. happysapper: Right back at you! :)
  5. I was PSI (permanent staff instructor) with 583 EOD Sqn RE when it was based in Brighton, quite a long time ago. One of the first things I can tell you is that you will not be mobilised unless the unit has faith in your commitment. This means that you have to start at a reasonably low level and work your way up through the training. The speed you can do this is up to you and the availability of places on the various courses. Despite some adverse views that some regular soldiers have about "stabs", I actually had a lot of respect for most of the guys in 583 when I was there and found them to be every bit as dedicated as the guys in the mainstream (given that the guys I joined up with were 50% piss heads).

    Talking about your interests and showing your CV is all very well, but there are two important aspects that you need to cover: 1. What are your objectives in joining (what do you expect to get out of it). 2. What can you offer?

    In terms of objective 1 above, be prepared to modify your aims a little when you actually get into the unit and learn what training possibilities there are open to you.

    For example, I originally joined the army as a regular to get away from the peoples republic of south yorkshire and arthur fu cking scargil (lack of capitals deliberate). I joined as a driver electrician. By the time I left the army 22 years later I still hadnt done an electricians course, but I was a NATO qualified eod bloke with some very interesting additional qualifications involving very good quality training.
  6. If I'm honest about my current choices - I was advised for something technical, then informed about the current waiting times and the chance of places running out. My plan, although not a very good one, was to go into a regiment/trade (Infantry - R IRISH) that I would be proud of - but equally, to get a foot in the door to re-trade. (RLC Ammo Tech was on my mind, or even RE Electrician - technical tests permitting obv!)

    I haven't been medically deferred - I've been told by all concerned that everything should be fine. I've seen the correspondence between the doctors and its all looking relatively positive. Problem being - my GP doesn't work school holidays, or wednesdays - and he has had my RG8 returned twice for not filling in specific sections.

    I'm not sure how I'd feel when I got a degree if I'm honest. Part of me thinks the TA could be the solution I want, when I have aspirations in civvy street. I am un-decided in reality, but feel at the moment - as though the TA would allow me to develop my personal life as well as my qualifications, whilst being involved in the forces. I must admit, that EOD does sound very interesting - and I feel it could almost compliment one of my civilian aspirations. (I am looking at doing a BSc in Molecular Science, Followed by a MSc in Forensic Psychology and Criminology - with a view of getting into Forensics Sciences. So it would be a good few years till I'm finished with study if I follow that aim.)

    I understand the time scale as well! I don't expect any miracles, nor do I expect to be undertaking anything in-depth for.. well.. a few years at a guess!

    Thanks for your input! :)
  7. Guys, I must thank you for the awesome responses so far!

    What are my objectives in joining? That is a pretty tricky question, I guess I want to be involved in the Armed Forces some how, and feel the TA would give me the ability to be just that - whilst developing my own qualities in civvy street.

    What do I have to bring? Depends how you mean. I'd like to think I'm a pretty calm person, who is positive and enthusiastic. Skills wise? I've been a computer technician until recently (recession..) and always had a passion for techy bits and peices!

    Its always interesting hearing someone else's experiences! Just out of interest - would you change anything?
  8. Matt, if you were there around 98 then many thanks for allowing us to use your camp to park our section bedford up each night... we were the regular EOC section from the Grim (Wimbish), clearing the former WWI/II firing range at 'ahem' "Welcombe Bottom" now a National Trust area :oops: north of Brighton of all places! and YES we did get a ribbing each Friday on arriving back at 33 up at the Grim... barstewards :roll: