101 City of ondon REgiment (TA) not listed.

It's a wiki so pull your finger out of your arrse and add it. Stop whinging.

You refer to 101 Engineer Regiment EOD (RE V). The black catters.
I dunno how a wiki works, theres no wiki page on wikis......

And yep, the black catters. :)
A bit of a Whingy Whiney early thread Spr D!

You need to sort your act out soonest as my radar tells me 101 is about to be amalgamated with 33 and two Regular RE EOD Regiments will be the norm!

And whoever put the Black Cat Bomb Disposal Watches on Ebay (no mention on the engraving of the T.A. side to the Regiment tsk tsk and tsk once more!) a few years ago has made a bloody fortune as they are still selling, even though the original ones said VERY LIMITED line of Bomb Disposal Non Mag watches!

A Very Limited line of 53,789 no less 8O
Amalgamation correct. My gob will remain shut :)

Honest topic though, i still don't know how wikis work...
Appreciate the heads up.


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