Anyone know What the crack is? are 101(T) EOD now part of 33 EOD? or are they seperate regiments both based at carver barracks wimbish? if its the latter considering 101 EOD were/are TA what type of accomadation are they using there? Cheers.
101 and 33 are seperate regts both based at the barracks. 101 now has a mixture of Regular and TA sqns. Singlies accomodation is mostly Z Type.
33 was the regular RE EOD regiment which goes back donkeys years. When I joined it (1973) it was basically a regimental HQ with one Sqn under command, the 3 troops of which were based in various places around the country. There was also a Sqn that was formed to clear part of the Thames estuary where the planned third London airport was to be built - 71 EOD Sqn RE, if I remember well.. I cant remember when the TA sqns were formed but eventually by the time I left in '90 there were four or five in various parts of the south-east (I was PSI with 583 EOD Sqn RE (V) in Brighton for a while 95/96 I think). Whilst the TA Sqns burgeoned, 33 also gained several regular EOD Sqns. Then the TA Sqns were hived off into a TA regiment (101 Engr. Regt. EOD (V), which was based in London, known as the "London Regiment" and had a black cat as an emblem. Now apparently the two regiments are co located and it's mix and match.
Cheers for the reply's guy's,
talking to a couple lads up at leconsfeild some said they were going 33 some said 101 both wimbish? spose the demand for search bods have gone up!
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