100s of Black boys disappearing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, May 13, 2005.

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    Surely not even Blairs government can let 100's maybe 1000's of children dissapear, ......hang on best keep our noses out, it's their culture
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    If I was cynical...

    Why Hundreds? Why not "Quite a few, who are hired out for a while, enrolled at a school, and with the various requisite authorities so the 'parents' can start claiming lots of benefits, and who are then passed on to someone else (via their real parents?) for the same thing to happen again. And again."

    Good job I'm not cynical, then.

    Saddest thing? No-one knows how many children are involved, what happened to them, even if they all exist.
  3. Surely all children must be registered somewhere. Why don't they know how many and where from?

  4. how do you know they've been murdered PTP , they're only listed as missing..... something you'd like to share ?
  5. The discovery of the boy's torso doesn't give you a clue?????

  6. However if us nasty whites dare to mention the above we are being racist and/or interferring with "their" culture of course now this is being made more public the same morons that scream racist will now scream we are being racist for not doing anything or more about it. But then whites are always wrong wwhen it comes to ethnic's aren't we.
  7. The boys who are 'missing' are immigrants, often sent by the parents from Africa to relatives/friends in UK. The most likely reason for the govt. not being able to find them is because they've returned home, or moved again within the UK or even EU.

    The police/media's reaction that they are probably been enslaved or sacrifaced smacks of racism to me. Maybe a few, but not hundreds.

    When a white boy doesn't show up to school ppl don't automatically assume that their uncle has eaten their heart in a demonic ritual just because the govt., social services or police can't find them. I wouldn't trust the govt. to find loose change down a sofa, much less a black boy in london.
  8. The discovery of the boy's torso doesn't give you a clue?????


    f*ck me sherlock .... well done , one down er .... hundreds to go.

    if theres africans involved , a scam will not be far away.
  9. Missing persons are gonna be the next major uproar, mark my words.

    And as already stated, don't know if they're murdered, moved around for benefit fraud (which DOES occur, I've seen it) or simply returned home without notification.

    Some of the kids are one and the same, simply registered under false names with DSS and schools, to obtain docs and cash etc.

    Whichever it is, it needs serious looking into because there's definitely something going on.

    The big case you're referring to was 'Adam', the widely publicised 'muti' killing.

    I believe an arrest was made in Ireland relating to the case although nothing else had been published since I think.
  10. f*ck me sherlock .... well done , one down er .... hundreds to go.

    if theres africans involved , a scam will not be far away.[/quote]

    Every murdered victim should have have their day in court no matter what their race, religion or anything like that.

    Have some heart there. That's a dead child's torso found. He's got a family too.
  11. 100% agree armourer we cant win, they cant have it both ways!!!!

    was i racist by typing they ?

    point proved.

    now back to topic:-
  12. Look here. If you know anything about Africa then you will recognise the content of this post for the truth it is. If you don't, then stand by.

    Children are viewed in many contexts as another natural resource. If land requires intensive manpower, then the children are a blessing - up until the harvest is insufficient. So then the children become a resource to be re-deployed for the economic good of the family. That is just the "ordinary decent" families.

    Once one or more parents die, then the children become not only a resource to be re-deployed but the limits of that re-deployment are extended to include slavery, sexual bondage and yes, sale into witchcraft syndicates. This is unregulated in most of west Africa and poorly managed in east Africa although less acceptable up to a point.

    Add the market window offered by the UK and children can be exploited for a larger fee for some ends, for example sexual purposes, and additionally can be used to defraud the benefits system. It has nothing to do with racism, it is all to do with opportunity, motive and greed.
  13. David Copperfield?

  14. WHAT ...david copperfield is making them disappear ?

    sorry .... waiting for deletion......aaaaaand delete.
  15. Realise I'm being a highly boring cow, but.....

    this information was collated as part of the Adam enquiry, it only looked at BLACK male children of a selected age range, that of the victim, it doesn't hint at the number of children of both sexes from other racial groups also missing, the data is therefore tained and the journalist hasn;t made this fact clear. In it's reporting it is selective.

    Again we do know this happens, but more often than not, and the DWP research records have shown this to be the case, the guardians of children sent from African countries to the UK for a better education, such as Damilola Taylor, do not claim benefit as the child is supported by the family in Africa as a student.

    Tests carried out on the bones of adam showed he had RECENTLY been brought into the UK and from Africa, police believe he was selected and shipped in, tragic, but he appeared to have been a victim before he arrived on our soil.

    transiant society, poor health care, little to no interest in child welfare and developement. It's the London i as a white British female have experienced!

    Yes, well, wasn't she a great light in her research into the ritual killings at the time, and while i am NOT saying anyone cashed in on the tragic event of Adams death, some people made a career decision and livelyhood being quotes as an expert on the plight of 'these children' Ms Sunmonu

    No, No, No, No! It couldn't be that simple! I mean I did it! Oh but then I'm white, so no-one would have suspected me of ritual killing.....

    and it's only taken 3 years since the original information was gathered and b*gger me, it's not actually fully up and running! What a Surprise!

    here, bloody, here!

    Rant over.

    Beebs :oops: