100km in aid of Gurkha Welfare Trust and Oxfam


Dear Kind Ladies and Gents of Arrse, I have posted this in the charities forum, but thought this might also be an appropriate place to pop it. I hope you do not mind.

With a couple of mates I will be walking 100km across the South Downs in July. Now, I don't just do these silly things for fun, this will be in aid of the Gurkha Welfare Trust and Oxfam who will be providing us with zinc oxide tape and good old army curries along the way.

PLEASE sponsor us on our little Trek, as we are aiming to get to the £2000 mark. There are other things I will be doing in time to try to get to that goal, but I am sure some of you will come up with some good suggestions!

You can pledge here Trailwalker Sponsorship

Here is the blurb:

"Trailwalker UK is a 100km trek across the South Downs of England, starting in Petersfield and ending in Brighton. Teams of 4 have 30 hours to complete the trek and must stay together as a team for the duration of the challenge. Trailwalker tests participant's physical and mental stamina as they walk through the night. More importantly, it is an opportunity to help some of the world’s poorest people. Funds raised from Trailwalker UK are used to support the work of Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Both organisations share a vision – to overcome poverty and suffering. The Gurkha Welfare Trust works in Nepal with ex-Gurkha soldiers and their wider communities. Oxfam also works in Nepal, and in more than 70 other countries worldwide, helping poor communities to build a better future."

Thank you in advance for your kind donations!
Good luck Di, my donation is in your pot. Its a good cause, have fun.



Will happily donate.

HAve done 4 TRAILWALKERS over that route, PM me if you want some tips.




At the moment I think we need all the help we can get.

Sister went to the briefing in London yesterday, where Oxfam and quote "those nice Gurkha men, I think one of them was a sergent major" 8O gave some advice. I think my sister was more interested in the man she met that she used to go out with!

Two of us are training like rabbits, one is doing 10-15 milers whenever possible and the other lass.... well, she isn't doing much.

Should we drop her? Bullying tactics from me and my sister being nice aren't helping!

Will drop you a PM. Cheers!

Please don't forget to donate


A hundred and twenty pounds to go to get to my pledged £500 if anyone wants to help me out? Cough! Please! :)

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