1000yd crow cartridge

A mate of mine built a rifle for a 1000yd crow. The cartridge is a wildcat 6.5x68 with the shoulders blown out & forwards to become straighter-sided and...erm... bigger. Had one in my grubby mits earlier - it's a beast!

Dunno what velocities he's getting, but the parent cartridge already could do >3200fps in the 1940s, so this bugger's shooting fricking laser beams. Apparently the case is good for >72000psi! Beats the kak out of 6.5x284 in any case.

Mate's client got the crow, by the way!
Few rounds down range and he will have a nice smooth tube to ease the passage of any projectile.


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.338lapua_magnum said:
Short barrel life then? :D
So, rifled slugs is it?
Apparently he's put 600-odd rds through it with no obvious signs of smoothness yet! My thought was the same though, this cartridge must eat throats for brekky, lunch and dinner.

The chap's got more money than sense, so does it really matter if he burns the barrel out after 1500rds or so?
stoats, any load info?? powder charge, projie weight and MV?
Not to hand, but I can ask
63gn 4350, 140gn A-Max, don't know velocity
The above load does 3300 ft./s

apparently he has had it up to 3600 ft./s with the same bullet without any overpressure signs.
stoatman said:
63gn 4350, 140gn A-Max, don't know velocity
Have you got any pics? Is it a "tube" gun?
No, I have not personally seen the rifle, although if my memory serves me well it is a Winchester 70. No idea what stock is on it, but the tube is over 30 inches (the customer is always right, remember...)

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