1000mile socks - Any good?

Hi all, looking for some info on the 1000mile socks (not the liners), are they any good? At the moment I’m just using issue socks and not having any major problems except for rubbing (gets a bit red/rough) on the tops of my toes and the ball of my feet directly under my big toes get a lot of excess skin and sometimes a small cut forms, though not as bad as it sounds. Also found a small hole worn into my double strikes where the cut forms.

Obviously a good pair of socks would help, are the 1000milers any good?

Also could it be an improper fitting boot? They seem fine, I’ve been wearing boots for years but not for tabbing and so on until the past few, anything I should be looking for that I wouldn’t normally when fitting boots for walking about in casually? Yeah a bit of a daft question but if you don’t ask you don’t learn.
Not quite sure what you mean by 'not the liners' -

I have a few pairs of 1000 mile socks that have, effectively, two layers. I did a couple of stages of the Pennine Way in them and they were fine.

However, I now use Smartwool socks as recommended by Alt-Berg.

If you are getting sore feet, I would say that there is a limit to what socks can do for you and you need to look at your boots. Unfortunately, fitting boots is a very personal thing - my wife had to have two or three goes before she found some that suited her.
1kmile socks are ok. The only thing to watch out for is one of the layers to ruck up a bit which can hurt after a long while!

They are also quite thin, so don't give as much cushioning as issue ones, however thats not a problem if you have good boot liners!

when you say liners, i guess you mean the trainer/running socks?

They are the only ones ive used and are brilliant, 62miles in 1 go in 15hours and not a blister, that was 2005 still got the same pair now,

i imagine the green military type are similar if not just as good, but for running socks you can't get better than 1000mile socks.
I was sent a pair whilst in Iraq and they developed a hole in the heel after about 10 day's wear. I wasn't impressed!

I've found the issue hot! weather ones (from Iraq) are the bees knees, the only problem I've got with them is that I can't get anymore without being mobilsed again!
Looking at silvermans they had socks and liners, I assumed two different types but from what your all saying they seem to be the same thing different label. I was looking at them as a few people on here raved about them.

I’m looking for a decent pair of socks with padding at the heel and toes, what would you all recommend? £10 at the most per pair, going to use them with issue boots when on exercise and tabbing.
i agree that the cold weather socks are v good for long tabs i use v thin black school style socks inside the cold weather socks .
I've never got on with the 1K socks. I prefer something like the earlier mentioned Smartwool or similar. Far better and you can always wear a liner sock if you really want to.
Try some coolmax liners and thorlo or bridgedale outers, works for me even in issue assault boots.


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I got a job-lot of 1000 milers before I went to norway x-country skiing, which i think is a pretty good test of socks!

After 10 days or so, they ponged a bit, but they were great. No blisters, no hot spots, they even managed to keep my feet fairly dry. The boots we had were okay, but other people were getting blisters fairly early on, and they were just using one thick pair.

I think you could do a lot worse than 1000 milers. One thing though, on the green pairs (for some reason not the blues) the heel does tend to look like it's being worn through, the sock's fine but it looks a bit knakard.

If you want just one, thick sock (that you could wear a liner underneath) then Bridgedale Trekker socks are very good, a la RVops (where i got mine!)
For years I used the 1000 miles sox with issue wool socks without problem, hotspots or blisters (not bad for Infantry).
However in the gulf the 1000 miles sox plus the issue hot weather sox was the dogs whatsits and is now my footwear of choice all year round - even with my Lowas.

Hope this helps

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