1000 Up - come to the party!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. I just thought I would mark my thousandth post by holding a little virtual party. These ones here are philli cheese and olives and those are taramasalta and olives...mmm..nice. Now help yourself to a virtual drink..the virtual beer-fridge is in the virtual shed...virtual Stella on top shelf and virtual Spitfire stubbies below them.

    Dozey bint..white wine and soda? Yep..oh excuse me... PTP but the malt is not in the free bar arrangements..at least not the thirty year old stuff...

    RTFQ? Erm..he was here but he said something about researching his next piece and shot off upstairs with those three virtual au pairs. I expect he'll turn up...

    Noise? Oh that'll be the middle Wallopian contingent choppering in. No, they shouldn't have any trouble finding an HLS around cuddles towers, set as it is in its 600 acres of virtual parkland. Yes, I get the grass flown up from Arrseonia you know.

    now who else is in here, and what are they all up to? Turn that stereo virtually down or the civilian virtual neighbours may complain. The last thing we want is a duty visit from Veg!!
  2. Can I have a Jack Danials please, I've done the usual thing and brought a crate of cheap virtual beer that no one will drink but looks like i have brought a lot!

  3. Yes, it isn't really JD of course - it's Genuine Old Confederate Whiskey Style Spirit, produce of more than one animal. However looking at you Vonshot, you have already had a few before coming in...thanks for the cheap ale, it'll keep MDN happy...
  4. Given my piddly total of 60-odd posts, I'll just stand in the corner, clutch my glass in both hands and look terrified. Feel free to send me out for Gyros at an ungodly hour...
  5. Paaaaaarteeeee!!!!! What time does the strip-a-gram arrive? and as a nod to my northern, proletarian roots, can we please have some cheese and pineapple cubes on sticks? :oops: :lol:
  6. Cuddles, if I may, a large glass of Rioja please. I have put on some live Frank Sinatra on.

    "She gets hungry for dinner at eight
    loves the theatre and never comes late
    she dont bother with people she hates
    thats why the lady is a tramp..."
  7. Oh God yes, I'll cut up a grapefruit, cunningly wrap it in silver foil and make it look like a hedge-hog. I'll put it next to the jelly rabbit...
  8. I think I would be joining Wedge in the corner, until Poppy, Minxy, Beebs or Naafi_Girl arrive.
  9. Why? Is one of them the stripper?

    Double whisky for me please.
  10. Is the swimming pool full of lime green jelly yet?

    If so then pass the snorkel and mask over and I will see you all later.
  11. Cuddles, did you invite any girls to this party? Just popped in to pick up tips for my own in a few weeks time.
  12. No, but they do a great line in mud wrestling.

    Too much red wine please.
  13. Apparently there is a busload of QAs en route...
  14. Any of them could be the stripper if they want, but I would just follow them round all night, especially Naafi_Girl :wink:
  15. [quote="Cuddles"

    Apparently there is a busload of QAs en route...[/quote]

    Quick, someone warn Steven, that lime jelly wont last two minutes.