1000 runners missing in the Lake District

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arana, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. There are a lot of military who do this event as well. I remember walking around my last place of work and seeing pretty much every other person with an OMM mug or other similar events.

    Think the lad with th Ironman collection won (not the comic!!)...

    STill it always amazes me what you can find on ebay :)

    WHat worries me is they go on about how much kit these people have, its all mega lightweight and really isnt designed to keep you going in extreme weather. Fingers crossed for them all
  2. Yeah, hope they all make it back. On a side note, i've just heard a guy on SKY say that "THEM" would be hard pressed to compete in this particular competition. 8O
  3. This race is hard enough when the weather is ok. Did the last one in the lakes and am still living up to the promise of "Never again".

    Hope they all get back safe.
  4. BBC now say a helicopter is helping the search for 44 missing runners. Hope all are found OK.
  5. Serious wind is nearly unbelievable, and from the pictures it was the wind that was doing the damage, and making it difficult to get off. One of my pals was on Ben Nevis in serious wind, and lying flat on his face with the weight of a bergan he was getting picked up and dropped, and he was about 13 stone. When it gets to that stage you're toiling to do anything. With some layers and something windproof I think you would survive last night, albeit you'd be pretty sick. But if people were trying to come down on wet rock in those conditions it would be lethal. Presumably the local search and rescue will know exactly where dangerous descents would have been made.
  6. Presumably they'll remember to watch the weather forecast before firing the starting gun next year?
  7. You're right and no doubt someone from the organizers will be in the sh!t for not calling it off.
  8. I have done this twice (ok 1 1/2 times, was fcuked by man flu on the second) and was on both occasions impressed by the organisation of the KIMM (as it was then).

    "The idea of self-reliance isn't a popular one in this day and age, so the fact that 900 people are said to be unaccounted for is being presented with the implication they are lost and in trouble - which is not the case."

    Spot on - it is the individual's responsibility to decide on the go/no-go and the individuals responsibility to pull out if out of their depth / decide they are too lightly equiped for the conditions. It is then also their responsibility to survive and make it to safety. Organisers should, IMHO, liase with emergencey services to ensure awareness of the event and provide a framework for 'competitor following' and overdue action but no more... otherwise there will be yet another persuit succumbing to health and efficiency and the nanny state. One man's bad wx is another's attrocious is anothers average - individual choice or stuff gets canned because '...the poor dears might might melt when rained on in a shower.'
  9. Good news, police and RAF say that all the runners are accounted for(according to skty news)

    edited to add that should read sky news..
  10. Think the media were disappointed couldn't find any competitors whinging about the organization.
    best they managed was I didn't want to to be cancelled and it will be a pain getting back to our car and I think that was coaxed out of them :D

    wouldn't have want to have camped out in that in lightweight kit but it wouldn't be the end of the world.
  11. All true I suppose, but if this had been a MOD organised event I'd bet there would have been lots of ARRSERs calling for the Defence Secretary to resign :D .
  12. This short video should give you the feel of things:

  13. I have been following this story recently (mostly on BBC) and the way it has been reported pretty much pisses me off.

    As far as I can see the organisers checked that all competitors where experienced and had a minimum amount of kit. The people competing all chose to do so and are of adult age. WTF is wrong with that? This nanny state stuff bugs the hell out of me.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with an adult choosing to test their self. Even if it results in their death.
  14. I agree, Perturbed, the BBC in particular were trying to talk it up into a major disaster. In the absence of any bad news we kept getting news footage of a flooded car park.

    The editorial in todays Telegraph took a more robust view which commented that everyone was prepared (and if you don't have basic survival kit, you aren't allowed to start) and basically said it was up to the individual whether they went or not. What was amusing was the interviews with some competitors who said it wasn't arduous enough!