1000 RAF jobs to go in MOD shakeup

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. The MOD have announced that 1000 jobs are to go at the three RAF bases in Scotland (Leuchars, Kinloss and Lossiemouth). The armed forces minister was forced into making a parlimentary statement on the subject after the local MP found out the details from a well placed source.

    Mr Robertson was outraged that the MOD and the armed forces minister had chosen to bury this large scale job loss under the already controversial terorrism bill.

    Smoke and mirrors anyone? :roll:
  2. Yeah and 500 across Brize (300) and Lyneham (200) too the c*nts :(
  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Fair play though, the crabs have been taking the mickey with teeth to tail ratios for far too long and finally the chickens have come home to roost. Why, in relative peacetime, do we need so many airbases for so few aircraft (shades of Winston Churchill there), each airbase requiring a full complement of staff and support services/welfare. I recall in Cyprus that Akrotiri had a total complement of over 3000 personnel (plus families etc.) to keep the 3 ancient helicopters flying and to service the weekly trooper flight from Brize. Most of our bases are home to (at best) a few dozen aircraft, usually of the same type. So why not reduce bases and share facilities if that does not affect operational capability?
  4. Bomber Harris and Douglas Bader must be turning in their graves. I hope to buggery that these clowns are outed at the next general election.
  5. ..and maintaining the air bridge for various ops, ranges for many aircraft allowing training during winter in UK, etc., etc.

    This is the reasoning behind the forthcoming 'superbase' concept. I live at one of them - as you'd expect, the instructions have come from TCH, but not the money, so, for example, the planned Officer's Mess rebuild (of a building which is almost falling down, full of asbestos etc.), has been cancelled and the money diverted to build a new barrack block (which still won't provide enough space), so there's nowhere to put all the new officers and most of the airmen/ratings. Latest plan is portakabins on the sports field...
  6. And those portakabins will be there for how many years? Yet another "temporary" structure..........
  7. Welcome to the world of Army standards of accommodation, any one know whether the portacabins have gone from Gutersloh yet?
  8. Too right!

    In Gibraltar in the early '80s, where it was my pleasure to spend two years incarcerated at Her Majesty's pleasure, we had RAF Gib at the northern end of the peninsular jealously guarding 'their' beach and doing sod all else. There were NO resident aircraft, (perversly, the only permanent aircraft on the Rock was owned by Jolly Jack down at HMS Rook!! - 1x Lynx), yet they had a one star crab, an entire Headquarters staff, air traffic controllers, cooks, RAF plod, Rockapes (similar indeed to the idle smelly namesakes living on the hillside), and hordes of self important corporal types (Heavens! some of them may even have been officers - so difficult to tell the difference). All working 'summer hours', which meant there were at least two men/women for every non-job.....what they did have was a lovely WW2 vintage wooden motor boat, on strength as a 'rescue launch' but more normally deployed as a floating cocktail party venue.

    The next logical step is to roll the idle tw@ts up altogether and tack 'em on to the end of Teeny-weeny airways and send 'em back to their roots.
  9. Well said Queensman;

    - and despite having a huge and well-appointed RAF Mess (facilities and beach off-limits to Army/RN....), transiting aircrews were still staying at the 5-star Rock Hotel!
  10. Good to see the usual jealousy rearing its head again! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. Don't worry, the "leaning" of the RAF is not just looking at manning and airbases, but also the 5* hotel aspect of life.

    Bit of trivia for you - the reason they stay in hotels is that they must have their 8 hours rest in a facility comparable to an officers mess.

    Since when was an officer's mess at the standard of a 5* hotel, let alone a decent country B&B?

    My next question is when is the Army going to start trimming some more of it's HQ fat!
  12. Having had the pleasure of working alongside the RAF at Honington for five years I can safely say that you shouldn't knock them for knowing how to treat their blokes well. If the Army had the same qualities of leadership amoungst its officers (rather than career management) then perhaps we would have happier chappies about!

    May explain why I was perfectly happy at Honington, but had signed off at my 16 year point after 2 years of hell with Teeny Weeny Airways and Private Army at the very aptly needed What-a-Shame airfield.
  13. Actually the comparison is with hotels used by airlines. RAF use of hotels arises because the Govt (not the RAF) applies CAA rules regarding aircrew hours. These rules also outline the type of accom to be used to provide proper rest. It's a long list, but includes things like curtains capable of completely blocking out the light, temperature limits, noise level and so on. These rules can be varied on ops - and are, as many aircrew discovered on Ex Purple Star and Saif Sareea.

    In general, surely MoD should aspire to providng the best possible accom for their people? The current poor standards in so many places, compounded by a failure to properly fund ongoing maintenance, can only have a negative effect on retention.
  14. You've got to be kidding - we have 350 years of Old Boys networking, hence the amount of Brigadiers doing LCpls jobs in big HQs! Be like trying to get the House of LOrds to abolish itself or an MEP taking a cut in expenses.
  15. The Battle of Britain was not won by a load of 'I know my rights' jobsworths such as currently populate the junior service, all just working their ticket long enough so they can go on and work for the nice Mr Branson. Christ knows how todays crabs would cope with a real operational environment - and just before you ask: no, air conditioned portacabins somewhere East of Suez don't count.

    There must be a budding staff officer out there in Arrseland who can tell us all how many Landcrabs there are to every one aircraft/pilot.

    Physical hard work and long hours with little or no kip in bloody scary situations with crap grub were a staple diet of my now long distant operational existance (is that sandbag comfortable?). I didn't have anything so mundane as an expensive, yet replaceable, piece of machinery to command and just me to worry about - I had MEN. British Infantrymen to be precise. What could be or is more valuable than that? No one ever offered me a hotel bed! And I don't remember curtains, just revetting or blast screens.