1000 more USMC for Islamabad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Apparently.


  2. If true,an interesting development."Advisors",perhaps?.
  3. Yes, a reinforced battalion of heavily armed "advisors".
  4. Great posting for the jarheads...... all those girlie bars and nightclubs in Islamabad.....

    The US must have one heck of a compound to barrack all those guys. Maybe its all a scheme to create an irresistible target for the jihadis, in order to draw them off from attacking Pakistani institutions...?
  5. Or maybe providing a sizable force to prevent what happened to the iranian embassy.
  6. apparently the compound is a right lick to area-clean so they brought in some help.
  7. Please excuse my septic ignorance, and no thread drift intended, but is
    "Pak" OK but "Paki" bad????
  8. Thanks. I was just wondering how broad based the "insult" was. I cannot fathom a reason for it, but I am here of course and not there.

    No pandering here :D
  9. I wonder if the USMC wouldn't mind starting with Leicester, Bradford and Peterborough then move on to Islamabad ?
  10. Good idea, they could stage through these areas for acclimatization....(but I thought Peattyburrow was a Polish enclave)

  11. Islamabad 2009,or Saigon 1964.

    Vietnam started the same way under a new Democratic President.
  12. US military involvement in vietnam started almost 14 years before 1964?
  13. " Pak " is used very often in the Indian press
  14. I believe the term paki only became a "bad" word in the UK because of the widespread use of the prefix "fookin" and the suffix "bastard(s)".

    The fact that it was/is used as a catch all for anyone of asian appearance can't have helped either.
  15. I think I'll wait for confirmation from a reliable news source before I believe this.