1000 miles for Combat stress..2 weeks..."My" Arrse worried!

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Nick78, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. On the 13th July I shall be cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End to raise money for COMBAT STRESS, the ex-services mental welfare charity. (A route of over 1000 miles).

    Having learned that more soldiers who took part in the Falklands War have committed suicide than died in the fighting, and the number of suicides of those returning from the Gulf is now totaling twenty, I hope to raise over 2,500 pounds for the charity.

    Despite many emails and letters being sent out my sponsorship is still very low and so I am now asking if all who read this message could be most kind and support my ride in any way they can and if they could pass my web address on to anyone they feel could help that would be seriously appreciated.

    The address is www justgiving.com/combatstresscycle

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. oldbaldy

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  3. My Bold - All that in a day, good luck ;)

    On a serious note, I will pass this on to people who will want to contribute! Good luck
  4. ONESHOT> Suddenly feeling a bit of a buffoon!! Leaving on 13th! Not doing it in one day...My old bike hasn't yet been fitted with jet propulsion! thanks for your kind offer to pass on message.
  5. I fully appreciate that you must all be inundated with requests for money for various charities.

    So far one or two people have been incredibly kind with various offers to help from this site, but this note is to ask you ALL to please think about helping.

    The statistics are horrendous, 329 suicides amongst those who served in the Falklands, 20 so far from the Gulf. Combat Stress is working with over 8,000 serviceman and women, and is the only charity supporting the mental welfare of ex-servicemen and women in the way they do.

    The programmes which have been aired recently on television, which have had many discussions in the forums about, have shown the smallest glimpse of the situation, so please, please help the Charity continue it's work. I am cycling a route of over a thousand miles for them in July and would really appreciate it if people could donate on my site www.justgiving.com/combatstresscycle whether it is 20p it doesn't matter!

    Many thanks in advance, and apologies again, but this is such an important issue, and I would have thought close to the hearts of all users of this site.
  6. Nick,

    I've kicked it off with a fiver. Sure you'll get a few more donations from on here.

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  7. Wow - only a couple of weeks to go!! I'm sure you'll be fine :D It'll be over before you know it and you can relax in sunny Cornwall before heading back to the big smoke.

    Keep me posted......and if anyone wants to sponsor Nick through his JG site I'll be ready and waiting this end to process :wink:

    Thank you for your efforts - even just raising awareness in the process makes a huge difference.