1000 mile socks.

Not sure where to put this one, anyways as a gift for going into basic on sunday a friend bought me some of those 1000 mile socks and just wondered if anyone has used them and what they thought and if they'll come in handy?.

I've just bought a pair,

Used them on exercise for 40 platoon attacks and had no issues, but as has already been said, it's horses for courses, you won't know what's right for you until you've tried them.

All the best in basic.
Just bought myself a pair of em today .

The lady at the camping store said that most of the pple say there quite good but also had others saying they where shite
Worth a go i thought to myself
Im diabetic and prone to horrible foot ulcers. 1000 mile socks havent given me any,but then neither have pure wool boot socks. I think what matters is that they fit your feet well. try them for a walk round some pubs on Friday night(under boots of course)
the 1000 mile socks that are just a thin sock liner are good if you wear them with a good pair of walking socks like brigedale or brasher . but the ones that are thin with like a thin lining in them i found are crap.but any sock liner must be a snug fit on your foot they work like a base layer top ,they wick the sweat of your feet which helps keep them cool thus in theory helping reduce hot spots ,hope this helps


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Give ebay a look and try some Coolmax walking socks. I have worn nothing else for the last 5 years (except daytime clothes.....so back off)
i bought a pair to walk Hadrian Wall last year and they did me fine, saying that i couldnt feel my feet when id finished anyway, just a sea of mush , i must be turning
Decent insoles are about the only thing I strongly recommend recruits buy, Brasher also make a sorbathane type insole without the red bits that are half the price.
id just stick with issued socks mate, theyre good, iv had thousand mile socks for a while, there thin, ok to wear with a thick boot like lowa patrols but as your in basic your gonna be wearing issued boots so id stick with the old issued socks there good enough but just see what works with you, i never used insoles or anything like thatand i got on fine, depends how airborne your feet are!
The issue boot has a crap sole, FFS get a decent insole (sorbothane etc), otherwise you'll end up with huge pressure blisters on your heels if you do much serious tabbing. That's the one thing I hate about the CAB (that and the lack of an Achilles panel like Lowas have).

Socks; I use 1000 miles and wool; the 1000s are a bit more comfy, but not by much.
Personally I wouldn't bother with them. My pair of 1k's wore out after 4 8 mile cft's (and the odd bit of wearing them around work).

My advice, just a thin cotton sock under some kind of pure wool sock for tabbing.

and (just in case!!) a lot of compeed on standby for damage control afterwards!
I wore my 1ks one and I suffered from terrible heatspots one mile into a thirty miler, they never turned into proper blisters but made for a very uncomfortable day. Ive never worn them since.
I've found decent socks (brasher/bridgedale) are much better than the issued ones, i keep the issused ones for PT as that is the only place that will ever check you have them on. Also get insoles. I'm currently in rehab at ATR Pirbright for a stress fracture. insoles may have helped. Hope this helps a bit, oh yea and back to your original question, I've never used 1000 mile socks as I heard bad reports when I worked in a camping shop but if you have them bring them!
I've always used Bridgedale Coolmax liners and Brasher/Bridgedale thick socks and never had any problems. I didn't like 1000 Mile socks at all, they just gave me blisters.
1000 mile sock - bunch of arrse!

Mine lasted about 85 miles and 3 wannks before they started to stink!

What's that? You're meant to wash them!?!

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