1000 Mile Combat Sock (ideal for field exercises)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by UKChrisT, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. i am a strong believer in most of the issued kit being ok and soaks you cant really go wrong with but up in till i joined the TA i was only used to trainers so when i started doing the CFT's and so on my feet were in pieces been looking through militarykit and came across the 1000 mile combat sock which is suppose to gaurantee no blisters anyone else used them???

    if anyone has any tips on reducing blisters, let me know. tried zinc oxide tape by the way, maybe as i get used to the boots the blisters will disappear slightly?

    thanks guys,
  2. 1000 mile socks are utter shoite, avoid them like the plague, they caused me more blisters than they prevented! Have a look on the Altberg website (www.altberg.co.uk), i've been using their smart wool uniform socks for a couple of years now and rarely get blisters, they're a bit pricy, but worth they're weight in gold. Also a nightly soak of the feet in surgical spirit to harden them up.
  3. I wear my school socks.. My feet just don't seem to blister :p I guess I'm a testament to the fact that everyone's different
  4. If the zinc oxide tape didn't work, it was because you didn't do it properly. The two most common mistakes are not putting it on soon enough, and not putting it on all the right places.
  5. soon enough.......do go on!? what are the rules of the zinc!?
  6. didnt put it on soon enough???.......do go on!? what are the rules of the zinc!?
  7. As much as it pains me to say it, but i agree with the monkey!!!!!! Bought a pair about 7 years ago and they were sh1te!!!!!!!!! Bridgedales are the sock for me!
  8. Soon enough - before your footwear has caused any damage (including a slight redness) to your skin. Skin should be clean, dry, and unbroken.

    All the right places - Anywhere where you have previously had any blisters or chafing, or may reasonably expect to get the same.

    Additionally, do not degrade the stickiness of the adhesive with your greasy mitts (trimming the ends to remove the handled areas can help) and do not pull it tight as you would if you were strapping up a muscle injury, rather, flex your foot to stretch the area you are taping to allow full movement.

    By the way, do I detect a hint of sarcasm K99?
  9. I had 1000 milers (and the liners, as a variation on a theme) with earlier issued boots and found they were great!

    With my current issued boots, they are worse than useless, causing blisters on the top of my big toe. Combination of lack of room in the boot and the really stupid idea of the toe seams of the inner and outer sock of the 1000 milers being aligned.

    If you've bought them and want to try claiming back on the guarantee, wear them with steel toe-capped boots. The toes will wear out within a week.

    Bridgedale for me.
  10. no sarcasm at all joe_p.....i have recently bought some Zinc tape and i dont get blisters as such but i still get bad 'hot spots' which do get painful during CFT's....i thought you may have some secret knowledge to help me Joe.

    Maybe i am just a pussy!
  11. The socks you wear have a bearing on it as well, try Coolmax™ liners under a pair of chunky merino wool socks.

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  12. I can reiterate that 1000 mile socks are rubbish. I think they work when put on 'correctly' but my experience has found that this takes way too much time and effort than is normally available for putting on socks.
  13. Put on correctly?

    There's hardly THAT many ways to put on a fcukin sock..
  14. Aha! You've evidently not worn 1000 milers!

    Let me explain...

    They comprise a sock within a sock, joined only at the top (where you put your foot in). Especially after they've been worn, and more especially after they've been washed, you have to make sure that the inner and outer are aligned - both for twist and length. When you put your foot in, you have to grip the top to prevent the liner from sliding inside the outer. Even this is haphazard because the inner and outer are made of different materials, so they stretch differently.

    It's easier if you get the 1000 miler liner socks because they are shorter and the inner and outer are made of the same stuff, but getting them on right is still an art.

    .... and you still get blisters on top of your big toe!
  15. There is a tape available from chemists called "Artificial Silk"; it has a frictionless surface and is thinner than Zinc Oxide tape. I think it's called Leuchosilk or summat in Germany. If you are brave enough then an alternative is to put the feet out of a pair of tights over your sock then tape the material to the top of your boot. Same effect as dual layer socks but obviously massive slagging potential.