1000 'dangerously' untrained TA deployed on Telic

Discussion in 'Iraq (Op TELIC)' started by Filbert Fox, Oct 25, 2004.

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  1. Sad but true. Pike drill's gone to hell in a wheelbarrow since Cromwell croaked.
  2. I still find this story (based on claims made by the court martial defence) hard to believe 100%. Any time I have been through such processes, NO-ONE would not get through without passing on marksmanship, let alone weapon handling.

    I do see that the numbers involved in Telic 1 must have swamped the system, which has to be robust enough to allow for coaching and retesting failures. Chilwell should have known from previous experience what percentage failures to expect and allow for.
  3. I doubt very much that it would have got to Court Martial if it wasnt true. these days for it to get that far, the procecution would have to know that theyve a bullet proof case.
    The WO in charge of the training said during the proceedings, that he sent letters of concern to senior officers about it the standard of the TA, and letters to his own instructors telling them to get a grip and that they should 'take a look in the mirror' at themselves.
  4. Thanks for info and comment, FF. (We may be talking slightly at cross purposes, surely the claims about training deficiencies were advanced by the defence, not the prosecution.)
  5. I still believe that the blame lies with the soldiers' parent unit. Although RTMC has a very important validation / confirmation role to play, they can hardly be expected to iron out the poor skills prevailing in certain units / trades in the time they have. I will add however that this issue must be added to the general list of lessons learned from TELIC. Had the government mobilised these troops earlier, instead of playing for time that did not exist the training gap might have been closed.
  6. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    8O .........1000 'dangerously' untrained TA deployed on Telic

    Begs the question.........is there any other sort? would they be 'dangerously' trained as opposed to untrained...........we need to know 8O
  7. Not only dangerous. Probably inelegant too.
    You know the type; helmet on the side of the head and trousers bloused just a little too high...
  8. In fairness to the instructors, they were going through Chilwell at a rate of 250 per day. They had 4 days to get us to pass all ITDs again before sending onto our receipient units. Chilwell had never experienced anything like this volume.

    Intakes was mostly support arms, and lets just say their standard of wpn handling was 'different' to Inf types. SAA trained TA NCOs were stood in the corridor giving rolling instruction to the ones that the instrs were failing before sending them straight back in. They were still only allowed 4/5 hours to pass everyone. (And that was on the new A2 which no one had ever seen, taking into account slightly diff drills). They did their best but the long and the short of it was they had to pass. Demand and supply.
  9. :lol: :lol:

    what about this bit?:
  10. Looks much better in red, thanks.
    I'm actually staggered. Can it really be?
    My rifle Company did it's bit's and bobs with the RHU at Grantham. 1 Staffs provided the training team; they were first class in attitude and approach.
    However they did say that it was v. v. difficult to cope with the more usual all arms or individual reservist intake.
  11. my pleasure :D
  12. and i dont think the incompetence is limited to Telic 1 either.

  13. Or stabs!
  14. I totally agree with DS's statement.....

    Can you just imagine how few TA soldiers would have been mobilised if the only thing they had to do, had they NOT wanted to go to Iraq, was fail the WHTs. Not many methinks as it would be an easy way out!! :x

    This has been going on for a long time (at least 4 years). The ITDs were always put up to the troops as "you don't need to pass as long as you make a good attempt". very subjective as to what a 'good' attempt is!!