100 yrs old.It's held up well (In most cases)

I always thought that the bra was invented by Otto Titzlinger.
Didnt Raquel Walch wear one in one million years bc?.......:)
The Wonderbra - defeating the Weights & Measures Act since 1964.


Book Reviewer
I thought it came from that place in Hertfordshire called Tyttenhanger.
Hmm, I think that I need to wear an 'Over the Shouldber Boulder holder'.... or an Aaaarrrgh Bra!!
It's said that the Billionaire aviator Howard Hughes engineered a suitable bra with his own hands for the luscious Jane Russell to wear in the 1947 movie "The Outlaws" which he made. He certainly knew how to put those melons on display to best effect. ;-) :p

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