100 Things To Do on Holiday in London

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tremaine, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon fellow Arrsers, just a few questions for those with nothing better to do ;-)
    On leave from the Stinky Pond, foot loose and fancy free. Healthy bank balance and staying a short distance from London til end of the month.

    Done the flight from Dubai, the daughter visit, the uncomfy time with the Ex. Met and scuttled the saucy blonde, who is busy working tonight. Just chilling for the week and wondered what wealth of talent and information out there has got to suggest for a not too expensive week, apart from shagging, just a short ride from London?

    Thanks, as ever

  2. Avoid "MrRandom" at all costs......

    How old is your daughter?
  3. 1.Natural History Museum
    2.Tower of London
    I think you get the message
  4. Imperial War Museum
    National Portrait Gallery (which is free)
    A "Duck tour" London Duck Tour Tickets - Duck Tour Tickets - London Sightseeing Tours 2011

    When using the London Underground - Stand on the right!!
    When using the London Underground - have your ticket ready, don't walk up to the barriers, then spend 5 mins fumbling through you "fanny pack" for the ticket. You'll only piss off the commuters.
  5. Yeh a day in London sounds good, ignore the daughter enquiry ;-), pint pint pint, good start ;-) just for starters anyways :)
  6. National Gallery, London Eye, Jack the Ripper walk, Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory etc and on the way, pop into as many local pubs as you can .... and then there's Imperial War Museum, Churchill War rooms, V&A Museum .... and more pub visits.
    Also, don't forget the theatres around - some great shows are on. I think Somerset House are also starting their outdoor movies festival.
    Failing that, just buy the Time Out and you can find loads of things to do in there.
  7. Cheers for that . Appreciated, maybe a Day Pass?
  8. You can get a day ticket that will allow you to travel on the tube/buses all day (worth the money, as the tube is now a ripoff)
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  9. Imperial War Museum definitely.
    Hit the west end mate. Start in Covent Garden. Go from there.
  10. Thanks :) Just noticed the water aint black round here, o well can't have everything.
  11. They've always got pubs nearby
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  12. I just knew you'd all come up trumps ;-)
    Will keep u posted, not sharing the pics sorry to say :)
  13. Cheapy comedy night is always a good crack..
    1-find annoying prick offering tickets for a quid normally around leicester square outside trocadero
    2-Buy two
    3-find a troll
    4-get drunk with said troll (see location below)
    5-take credit for laughs provided by someone funnier than you
    6-if troll is now pretty proceed to hotel if not repeat step 4 as nessecary.

    Try to find Gordons bar! Wine and oak barreled port the boll*ks, good grub and no windows...good times if she's a horror

    It's between embankment and charring cross.
  14. Actually, don't.

    How old is she?