100 Reg RA (V)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jash, Mar 1, 2004.

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  1. Hi due to work commitments I may soon have to transfer to 266 BTY 100 RA (V) does anyone have any info/stories about the Bty/Reg

  2. I like the way you say that you HAVE to transfer. not keen?
  3. I have to find out some stuff about them before i can say wether im keen or not :(
  4. so do they actually hold any AS90's for training of is it gunnery skills taught on light gun
  5. 266 were a para battery at least last time i looked, if they're anything like 201, all that's left in the unit, are recruits, officers and war dodgers, everyone else is in the sandbox. Not quite as proffesional as 201 but nice enough...
  6. orifice cadet: Not as professional as 201 bty???? That's rubbish.

    With regard all the posts here, and to Jash.

    266 para bty is an airborne unit affiliated to 7 para RHA and 29cdo RHA. It is a light gun unit, not AS90. It is part of 100 regiment RA. Presently 289 troop is part of it but due to restructuring 266 Bristol will become a battery in it's own right. Strong rumours it's going to become a cdo unit too.

    Hope that helps.
  7. 100 RA(V) is being restructured into a pure light gun regiment, one bty supporting each of the 3x Light Regiments.

    Rumour is:

    201 (Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Yeomanry) Airmobile Battery support 40 (Lowland) RA
    266 (Gloucestershire Volunteer Artillery) Commando Battery supporting 29 Cdo RA with 289 Tp detached in London
    307 (South Nottinghamshire Hussars) Parachute Battery supporting 7 Para RHA
  8. One of the guys in my unit transfered from 266 a couple of years ago. from talking to him about it all the above is gen. I have even hered the rumours about going Cdo.
    Why don't you ask here they will know the most
  9. Are the guys in 201 also para trained ? or is P- company something that is open to 100 Regt as a whole.
  10. 266 is without doubt the best unit I have served in (I've been in a few) sure there is the good and the bad times but on the whole the personel are well motived, professional and proud to serve in an Airborne Unit. They are also a top bunch of lads. Not to mention the possiblities of doing the Commando Course.

    P Coy is open to all in 100 reg, the effort required to get through it is only exceeded by the reward of earning your beret and Wings.
  11. As Forniup says ask the guys on www.266bty.co.uk

    I did P Coy at 36.. not recommended! and ended up with a concussion that forced me off the course.

    I needed to be Airborne qualified and was not prepared to go through P Coy again... I am just too damn old,.. yes I know its a pants excuse. I moved to 21 Sigs in Bath.

    But I had 17 very good years with 266 all on the OP end. They are top bunch of blokes, most are Airborne qualified. The rumour of supporting the Commando role is a strong one. The Battery are well experienced Light Gunners and have provided augmentees for Telic 1.

    I would recommend the unit whole heartley... but don't leave P Coy till your 30's, ...
  12. Do the members of 100 Regt RA(V) who are para trained wear the cap badge of the RHA or RA?

    I assume if it is RA then that is unique within RA?
  13. 266 Para Bty wear the RA badge (as do the whole Regiment) - up until SDR they were the 4th Battery of 7RHA and so at that time did wear the RHA cypher.
    As for being unique - in the TA yes, but in the Army no - 21 Bty in 47 AD Regt support 16AA Bde - para trained guys there wear RA badge.