100% offical royal military sas gear!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by misterp, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. http://www.emersonknives.com/SAS_Gear.html

    found this

    quite funny

    why anyone would pay those highly inflated prices for softie gear available elsewhere a lot cheaper!

    think you would want something more than a softie 3 for everest
  2. I like the translations.

    'We call them back-packs.'
  3. $14.99 what a bargin i want 1

    no not the shegmah, the hairy man i want 1

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  4. Good choice, I'm sure he'd be right up your alley :wink:
  5. Bet he gets food stuck in his beard the uses the shegmah as a napkin. The sells it to the sas website who sell it to us. so i cant stress this enough CHECK YOUR SHEGMAH BEFORE YOU WEAR IT THE HAIRY MN MAY OF LEFT YOU PRESSIE
  6. don't forget to check the intro page

    "this ally is the Government of Great Britain and the great citizens of Mother England"

    brought a tear to my eye
  7. This is pretty much your ultimate website eh, 5.56?

    Large hairy men and overpriced Army surplus kit you can bore your peers with. I say peers as mates would be pushing it.

    It's like the mothership is calling you home...
  8. ooh ooh my day sac is used by specops what ever that is :D .And I thought it was a huge day sac I brought cos it was the first green one i found :D
    didnt realise it was so big .
  9. I wonder if that page makes alot of money from the ARRSE groupy known as... Dogface?