100 mph tow - genius!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FunkyNewBlood, May 5, 2005.

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  2. I've been in a car being towed at 60mph down a windy A road in the backwoods of suffolk. Had to change my skiddies.
  3. Many moons ago when Cherrypink was a mere sprog, we would spend the holidays in a qauint little place up north called Invermoriston. My Uncle Jim had built a B&B with the added bonus of a large garage for restoring his furniture and old cars. His latest project was a little something his wife brought back from Germany for him.. a little Go Go mobile.
    Apologise for not knowing the exact make and model, but if you imagine a little Noddy car your about right!.
    Anyway, Uncle, being a bit of a chancer(and the biggest fan of Whisky known to man), in his rush to get his house built with seriously dwindling funds, he thought he would run his electric off the street lights outside and a half arrsed generator turbine thingy in the waterfalls that led into the River Ness.
    Middle of winter, several bottles of Whisky later the whole thing blows up, every last drop of electric disperses into the unknown. Nevermind the whole village being left without any electric thanks to this mastermind, he is more concerned about his Go Go mobile in the shed. First thing next morning, Dad hooks it up to the back of Mum's Rover 820, V8 nontheless!, and they set off. Dad and uncle Jim had no engine, windscreen lights electric and no chance of survival should it all go wrong.
    Mum swears she forgot they were there, Dad and Unlce Jim thought otherwise when, after driving at over 70mph on the way to a nearby garage she stopped to let the dog out for a pee then put the car in reverse. I just thought the screaming was because they were p1ssing about, apparently not. Dad and Uncle Jim spent the rest of the afternoon in a blizzard trying to get Noddy's ride out from under Mum's car. Aaah..memories!.