$100 million al-Qaeda financier caught in Iraq

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by USMarineX, Oct 4, 2007.

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  1. Can you say V-I-C-T-O-R-Y? Victory for the US of A! chachacha. Now we are getting the shadowy people and bosses behind the fighters, who are mere grunts. According to reports, half of Al Qaeda's leadership in Iraq has been decimated and the rest are fragmented and driven from place to place.


    Too bad the Brits cut and run just before September of good news...

    '$100m al-Qaeda financier' caught in Iraq

    From correspondents in Baghdad

    October 04, 2007

    IRAQI and US forces have detained a man they believe received $US100 million ($113 million) from al-Qaeda sympathisers to hand out for "terrorist" operations in Iraq.

    "The $100 million was what our intelligence reports indicate he has received spanning several months this year," said US military spokesman Sam Hymas.

    "That is all the unclassified information I can give you."

    A statement from the military said the man, who was detained in the central Baghdad neighbourhood of Al-Kindi, was suspected of handing over $50,000 a month to al-Qaeda using his leather merchant business as a front.

    "He is believed to have received $100 million this summer from terrorist supporters who cross the border illegally or fly into Iraq from Italy, Syria and Egypt," the military said.

    He is suspected of travelling abroad himself to seek money for al-Qaeda and of employing up to 50 extremists to help deliver bomb-making materials to insurgents attacking the US-led coalition.

    The US military also accused the unnamed man of involvement in two attacks on a revered Shiite mosque at the heart of Iraq's bitter sectarian conflict.

    He was linked to purchasing explosives and weapons for the February 2006 attack on the Al-Askari mosque in Samarra, widely seen as the trigger of Iraq's sectarian strife. Another attack on June 13 of this year destroyed the mosque's two minarets.

    The suspect, who according to US military intelligence has stores in Jordan, Syria and the Iraqi city of Fallujah, is also wanted for allegedly shooting dead three US soldiers and wounding another in April this year, the military said.




  2. I don't think the Brits "cut and run" from anything. Firstly, they are still there fighting are they not?

    Second, they are beginning to work towards a draw down as are the Americans as this war appears to be winding down.

    It's important to remember that this was a combined effort with many countries in a very unpopular war in their respective countries.

    A victory in Iraq is not one for just the US, but for the entire multi-national force that spent time there.
  3. Cut and run?

    Suggest you take a journey back to WW2, you know, the one you took over two years to take an interest in?

    Perhaps then take a look at the war on terror which you, as our caring allies watched us fight for three decades assisting us by aiding our enemies.

    Take your septic horseshit and ram it up your hershey highway
  4. Well said Ghost_us. Thankfully some of you Yanks can see the bigger picture.
  5. Your remarks are an insult to our fallen who fought and died bravely. Do not hold them responsible for the political failures of our inept politicians.

    At least it's nice to see you Americans making up for being late for the last 2 World Wars by being really punctual for the next one.
  6. Looks like it all went tits up in August 07 just as we pulled back and were no longer around to threaten the bad guys. Gives an indication of how good we are methinks.
  7. The death toll for 'enemy fighters killed in Iraq' for Sep 07 is now the same as it was in Sep 06, yeh like real progress dude, let's kick some more butt's ...yawn! The sad thing is that before the war began Al-Qaeda were not even in Iraq. Hey, but who cares? Uncle Sam is showing those Limeys how to win a war again...not!
  8. Punctual??? How is inventing intel that Saddam had a nuclear capabilty being punctual?

    I'm coming over to Cads house tonight for a rumble, I've seen intel that my girlfriends knickers are in his glove box, I know this is true because I photoshopped a picture of them just a few minutes ago........ I'm going to watch hundreds of my young countrymen die needlessly doing it though.
  9. Actually I'm wearing your girlfriends Knickers... I dress like a girl to understand what it feels like to be a US marine...
  10. Which planet? How can you conceivably think it is victory when this was may have given the US of A the majority of the oil reserves in Iraq through your scarily biased contracts through Halliburton, but it has also mobilsed every Muslim who ever had a gudge against the west into arms.

    We were stupid enough to back you on this, and are still in there fighting with you. This will go on for decades in one way or another.
  11. Those tables don't add up to victory. More iraqis dying from AQ suicide bombers and more insurgents getting killed, gives me the impression that they have no problems getting recruits to join their cause. The rapid down turn in figures is probably due to ramadan falling in sep/ oct this year, so don't break out the tea and medals yet.
  12. USMarineX wrote:

    'Can you say V-I-C-T-O-R-Y? Victory for the US of A! chachacha.'

    USMarineX wrote:

    'Too bad the Brits cut and run just before September of good news...'

    Can we officially classify this fella as a pillock?
  13. Seconded
  14. Wooohooo a couple of graphs and a press statement,all the convincing i need.Where's the key to the drinkies cabinet?I wish we had those sort of things over here,then we might not of spent 30 years in province,gawd we have a lot to learn.

    Typical of a 14 year old counterstrike addict to get excited over the latest "stats".Can you spell W-A-L-T?
  15. No cant, a pillock is someone who is not very bight. This implies he has some IQ, i however see this cnut as Pre-amoeba, still struggling to be a single celled organsim. If you cut him through the middle you will see wall to wall SPAM