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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by sittingstress, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. To cut a long story short Natasha our 17 year old daughter has an inoperable, untreatable brain tumour which has made her blind. Her condition is terminal.

    She went from being completely normal to blind and diagnosed with her brain tumour in under a week. She has managed fantastically well in adapting to not being able to see.

    A couple of weeks ago she said "I want to help people less fortunate than me" and decided to do a sponsored 100 mile exercise bike ride on Sat 22nd Nov 08.

    She wants to raise as much cash as she can for the following causes:

    Help for Heroes (you all know what that is about)

    CLIC Sargent (helps children with cancer and without their support we would have been down the tubes)

    Brooke Gould is a local 2 year old girl with cerebral palsy who needs some specialist equipment. The local NHS have refused to fund it and her parents can't afford it.

    She wants to raise as much as she can for these 3 causes but as her Dad I can say she will get a huge sense of achievement out of doing it. The last week has been crap for her as all her mates are learning to drive, gettting jobs and going out etc and she will never get to do any of these things. She needs a big boost to put the smile back on her face and raising a large amount of money will do it. This is a real challenge for her as her tumour makes her fatigued very quickly.

    I have produced an info and sponsor sheet and a page explaining about Natasha but have no idea how to post them on here.

    The bank details for direct donations are:

    Bank Barclays
    Sort Code 20-67-37
    Account No 30621935

    If you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact me at


    Many thanks in advance for your generous support.

  2. sittingstress £100 on its way mate
  3. ss - see my posting on your Military Forums thread

    Check your emails please!
  4. Pay day tomorrow mate, will send some, won't be much as I'm brassic, but I'll do my best.

    Bumpitty bump
  5. What a brave and selfless girl.

    A ton on its way from me.
  6. Will sort as per pm - good luck!
  7. will pop some in tomorrow.. wont be much pay day next week
    but every little penny counts
    well done to your daughter for facing it in a positive way and doing good for others...
    you must be so proud

    wish her all the best
  8. SS
    I am without words... :(
  9. Thank you all so much. Words really are not enough to explain how we feel about the support you are all giving her.

    Natasha is sitting upstairs laughing her arse off cos she has discovered that if you put a straw in jelly and blow it makes a rude noise. These are the moments we cherish. She is in such a happy mood because I have told her about what you are all doing and saying.

    Thank you very much.
  10. £50 on its way for such a brave girl and three very worthy causes.

    (From a long time lurker)
  11. BUMP

    My God, what an exceptional paragon of selflessness Natasha is - a credit to both you, SS, and herself. Please extend my warmest wishes to her and the best of luck in her courageous endeavour tomorrow. With that kind of outlook I don't doubt that she'll succeed. Oh, and a pillow on the seat!
  12. bump

    good luck tomorrow ss
  13. Anyone tells my six year old I'll slap them.... :x

    Oh is that a bump?!
  14. Come on you ferkers, get giving!!!!
  15. She has kicked off and is in good spirits. Loads of photos and vid taken. Throughout the day I am going to take pics of her with a Mr Potato head that i got given for Christmas a few years ago. There may even be some RAF Regt gucci kit as well just to show the pongos how it is done!!

    Chhers for now.