100 km Ypres Walk

I attended this event with my good lady in May this year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The weather was ok, met a few new pals and saw lots of interesting things as we journeyed through the Ypres area.

Anyone else from here on it?
Well,its time for the 2011 event.

Starts on Thursday, anyone else on it?

PM me and we'll meet up to compare blisters, have a pint etc..........
Yes we were there and it was great fun and incredibly hot on Saturday, just recovering now
Hello, I did 30,50,20.

Saturday was grim but Sunday was worse; the last few k's round the ramparts and streets were soul destroying.

My feet are in clip.

Did we meet/chat? My wife and I were dressed quite eyecatchingly on the Sunday.
We did,
I think your tartan clashed with my eyes

Aye, that was us!!

I dont know if I'm going to do it next year. My feet seem to be getting worse despite everything I try. The legs are fine though.
Our group were the same, we had a knees up this weekend and by the fifth pimms, they were forgetting their feet and planning next year.

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