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Funnily enough while this place appeared to me to be down yesterday lunchtime, I was browsing this website:


of the Durham & Tyneside Dialect Group

There is special mention coverage of "Geordie" (includes Jordy), "Mackem" and "Pitmatic".

According to the link to Geordie:

Curiously, the first reference to Geordie as a language we can find is Scott Dobson's book Larn Yersell Geordie in 1968.
Whereas according to the link to Pitmatic:

"After a few minutes delay in the overman's cabin, thronged with men talking an unintelligible language, known, I was informed, as Pitmatic, we took our places in one of a long train of tubs, which, on a signal being given, started for the heart of the mine." (The Times 21 Aug 1885)
Hmm The Times, 1885 or "Larn Yersel Geordie", 1968 for credibility?
Geordie & proud of it. Born in Willington Quay. Not one of your pikey drossers from Northumberland here - born on the banks of the Tyne.

I thought Toonie had faded away? Oh - blowhard - pray tell us of your ethnic origin?


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l/cpl_blowhard said:
Toonie said:
howay yee ge'hordies

What is it that defines being a Geordie in the 21st century? , your higher than average IQ , being a polite well mannered person , your knowledge of good food & wine, your love of opera and the arts , the bold architecture of your city , your warm outgoing personality ?, your unique and keen dress sense ?
You want to discuss any of the above bonny lad? Take your pick. Maybe add 'Why Geordies are superior in every respect to yer Soft Southern Shandy Drinking Morris Dancing Ponces'?

For the rest of Gods Chosen People reading this - here - http://www.newcastlestuff.com/

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