100 Days toi the Lymbic Games - The Woodentops Horseguards Photo

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Stonker, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Mrs S. pinged this on the Army facebook page today.

    I'm looking for some indication of how it plays with everyone else.

    My immediate response was in 2 parts:

    (a) I bet they spent chuffing hours practicing for that pic. Time that could have been spent substantially more valuably (assuming that is possible for a public dooties mob garrisoned in The Smoke.

    (b) It's not a bad looking publicity shot, though.

    (c) But they coulda done it with 3 blokes in uniform, and Photoshop.

    (d) But then they would've devalued the photo . . . maybe.

    Still can't make up my mind. Interested to hear other reactions (even if they include **** off, you old fossil)

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  2. It's a bit ragged round the top of the zeroes ;-)
  3. But nice to see real soldiers.
  4. Holy Jesus, what an utter waste of time, energy and pixels. How many man hours were spent in producing that piece of dross? Which licker of Coe's Olympic rings came up with the bright idea? Was it someone at Princess Productions? They have form for crap ideas.
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  5. If they are putting all these extra soldiers on duty for "security" who in turn is going to provide the extra policing for when they go on the inevitable "oooo we're in london" olympics piss ups?
  6. Yeah. It'd be nice to see the real soldiers soldiering and not being used as someone's toy soldiers.
  7. When I read the thread title I thought the whole bash had relocated to Devises.
  8. Last Birthday Parade I attended there was a LOAD of gongs on show.

    Last one I took part in was marred by the Falklands.

    I think they do their fair share.
  9. Is this going to be a daily countdown until D-minus 1
  10. Couldn't they have just baked a big cake with 100 on it?
  11. All a bit North Korean....
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  12. The photo acheives nothing. A total waste of man hours that could have been spent stagging on, admin or some productive training.
  13. 99 days to go? surely they ain't gonna smash that everyday?

    Odds on the man with the stick being guardsmanbone will get the numbers wrong
  14. You misunderstand me. I'm certain they do their share. I respect their competence and I think they have better things to do than spend countless hours bulling, shining and polishing in order to stand in nice shiney patterns at stupid o'clock one grey dismal morning.

    I thought it might have been a scale model done by some Asperger's suffering OCD military modeller. It isn't. The horror.

    How many Ruperts are in that?
  15. I see six officers and they're being used because like it or not the Guards in London are a symbol of this country.

    Hence the whole pic.