100 Danish soldiers stuck at Kabul airport

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. 100 Danish soldiers stuck at Kabul airport
    Saturday, April 03, 2010
    COPENHAGEN: Some 100 Danish soldiers due to fly home from Afghanistan this week for the Easter holidays have become stranded in Kabul after an undisclosed country revoked Denmark’s over-flight rights, the military said on Friday.

    “At the moment we are working very hard day and night to find a solution to bring the troops home,” said Niels Brandt, a spokesman for the Danish International Logistic Centre (DANILOG) under the Danish military.

    “We are currently looking for a commercial airline that could rent us a plane and that has a route out of Afghanistan,” he told AFP.

    Around 100 of the approximately 750 Danish soldiers deployed in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province had been scheduled to fly home Thursday for a nearly three-week holiday.

    But they became stranded in Kabul after the country suddenly revoked over-flight rights needed for the route to Denmark, Brandt said, refusing to reveal which nation was blocking the flight.

    “I can not release the name of the country ... as that could harm the diplomatic process that has also been launched,” he said.
  2. But I can (if the Taiwan News is to be believed).

  3. Right, so the US and UK dismantle Iraq and that's fine but a few cartoons in a newspaper and suddenly the Danes are on the Ummah's shit list? Presumably Karimov has already withdrawn his stash from Swiss banks in protest at the Minaret ban..
  4. I bet there's some frantic anti-Uzbekistan cartooning going on at the moment at Kabul airport.

    Anyone know any good Uzbek jokes?
  5. I saw the headline and thought that they had perhaps contracted the RAF to fly them home.
  6. The Uzbeks ARE a joke...

    Anyway - why can they not be "signed on" to another nation's ORBAT and flow home by their "new" paymasters?

    EDIT - Just read the report from Taiwan... Good drills if true... C_P
  7. A BBC Spokesperson said "Uzbeks were to busy having sexy time with there mothers and sisters to comment"
  8. If the UK gives any sort of financial aid to the Uxbeks it should be stopped immediately.
  9. No-one could be that stupid!
  10. Latest update on the 100 Danish soldiers stuck at Kabul:

    They're still there.
  11. And no bacon for miles around. Hell. On. Earth.
  12. Of course, the idea of flying around Uzbekistan is too difficult to reach, isn't it?

    Oh, hang on a moment, maybe that option's not available because other countries have a blanket ban on overflight, transit, landing etc.
  13. Actually, tps now in Manas courtesy of USAF. Next stop Leipzig - again courtesy of USAF then onwards to DK. First arrival DK scheduled @ 0640/05April