100% audit of Cbt HR Spec expense claims

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by crazyk, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. I don’t know who else has implemented this but 100% of ALL Cbt HR Spec expense claims have to be audited by the RAO. Apparently it's to "identify training defects" amongst clerks.

    Why have we been singled out as a branch to have our claims audited?? Does the CoC think that were a bunch of fraudsters!

    I like many others feel and indeed expressed to the CoC that to have a system where only 5% of claims submitted were subject to audit would be open to fraudulent claims. A better solution would be that all claims before payment should pass through an Expense Authoriser i.e. Snr Sub Unit Clk who could not only check the validity of the claim but also “identify” those members of their Sub Unit who have not claimed all that they are entitled to.
  2. I'm sure most of us are good eggs, however there's bound to be a few bad ones in there, and since we're the people that know the system the most - we're also the most likely to attempt to abuse it I suppose.

    Doesn't bother me, I've got all my receipts safe.

    With regards to the bottom bit, enough of that talking sense!

  3. Dont need to keep mine safe anymore the RAO has them all :D

    And sorry for talking sense will take myself round the back & have a word :D
  4. Hope you took copies before handing them all over to the RAO. Would be a real shame if he lost some of them wouldn't it?
  5. Who said you were talking sense?
  6. And for this are we going to issue our Snr Sub Unit Clk 6 more hours for each day? My clerks are busy enough without this thanks very much.
  7. Our Clks are doing a 100% each month anyway, so why not do it before as this will stop having the Clks doing the work to take back money that has been wrongly claimed?

    On another note, Tp Comds, AOs should start to take note of JPA claims and ensure that their soldiers are claiming correctly (if they know what they are doing).

  8. But wasn't this what we did in the old days before JPA with 1771's and before the Higher Pay Range ???
  9. Totally agree, the clerks at my unit are busy enough as well. They must be busy that's why they are only open for 30 minutes a day 3 days a week! Do you know how long it takes to drink 30 cups of coffee per day and do your Christmas shopping on the internet.
  10. My bold you would be surprised - I not so long ago just made an LV down to MCTC and guess what?? SPS fraud was quite big on the scene there at all rank levels.

  11. Cougar - bold - yes, you are are right because, your too busy having half days, sports afternoons and never working friday afternoon or never past 4 o clock and too busy wandering around the naafi gobbing off how great you are and how sh1t your cbt Hr specs are - c0ck!
  12. Crikey will people just stop bleating and get on with their jobs? Someone should be checking all expense claims, it was always a stupid idea to allow people the freedom to just put in claims without any checks. It was obvious that it would be abused and now it has to be stopped.
  13. If he's a Bleep at an EOD unit as his name and avatar suggest, he'll be far busier than any clerk.
  14. So how long have you been SPS then depot? didnt think so, how can you pass comment when you havent stepped in the shoes, that aside the thread proves yet again people are just busy slating Cbt HR specs and not sticking reason behind the thread and this one strangely enough is about JPA fraud.
  15. You're right,

    I'm no more an SPS Clerk than you are a Royal Signals ECM Operator in an EOD unit, yet it was you who started harping on about Cougar's alleged sports afternoons, half days etc.

    Incidentally, do you not think claims made by Clerks should be checked in particular since they are best placed to circumvent the checks and balances because of their specialist knowledge of JPA and 752? Not in any way a question of their integrity, they are simply best placed and equipped to do naughty things!

    Right I'm off for a chat with the duty bleep, his team was tasked out at 4am this morning and they didn't get back til 6pm ;)