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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CombatStig, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Now then Boys and Girls. We have a chap at work claiming to be ex 2 Para. Now that may be true. The only thing that bugs a few of us is that he came to work wearing a "Parachute Regiment Golfing Society" T-Shirt.

    Does it exist? In that case is there a Royal Marines cake baking society or a REME brass rubbing club too?

    I'm sure you Charming people can put us right on it. We have an ex Signals RSM who thinks Para boy is a walt. If he is then we are going to stop him but obviously need the proof first.

    Now I did find one reference of his surname on the para data living history website...Unfortunately the fellow in question Died Feb 1945.

    Thank you in Advance.
  2. Ask him for detail. Or is he bigger than you?
  3. He isn't bigger, no stranger to a Fray Bentos and allergic to salad. He's almost impossible to get info out off though he claims to have served in the 1st Gulf war. If he did then he was smuggled in on overhead luggage as he's younger than me (under 40) The ex RSM is a good pal of mine and had the pleasure of listening to the Cherry Beret bragging to a visitor about his esteemed career at which point my mate had to leave for fear of suffering a rectal prolapse.
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  4. Yep. Loads in 2 & 3 PARA who play golf and we also have tournaments against each other, hats as well as civvies. 3 PARA also have a golfing shirt. Whether he's gen or not just because he's got a regt top on is another story.
  5. Well 'your' Ex Signals RSM has no back bone, as he should have told him to shut the fcuk up and stop billybullshitting.
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  6. Thanks for that.
  7. I believe, sir, your analysis of this Jimmy wearing, slap jawed, fag boy is correct.
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've got an HMS Newcastle jet ski display team T-Shirt.
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  9. Yes.

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  10. So if he isnt old enough to have served in the first Gulf war why didnt you just say that to him? Also ask him if he went on his own because IIRC 2nd Bn didnt even go. Not exactly hard to do and not exactly confrontational.

    Surely the two of you can summon enough courage to just ask him outright?
  11. I didn't think they went. I'm due in at 13:30 will ask him. I may need a dictionary and a length of 4x2 as he's hard work.
  12. Sounds like the real deal to me! Have you met PRT?!!
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  13. Served in the gulf and under 40

    Err why not ???
  14. 1990/91 = 20 years ago.... 18 year old serving in Gulf war 1 would be 38 going on 39 so its feasible
  15. Sorry Chaps, I'm just under 40 and he's a few years younger. I look good for it too. I should have worded it better.