100,000 motobility cars expected to be withdrawn from claimants

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. I have always found it odd that to qualify for a motability car a disabled person must first prove they are unfit to drive. I admit to some surprise that there are 600,000 motability cars out there.

    With their govt return to work and work capability testing schemes creating costly chaos Lord Freud now wants people on incapacity benefits to prepare for work even BEFORE they have to endure the ATOS work capability test.

    Further chaos is in the waiting room. The benefits cap which will hit landlords not claimants and will lead to rent arrears. Followed by Universal Credit that will hit all landlords reliant on receiving rent payments direct from benefits. Claimants will get a pay rise by simply nicking the rent money and putting two fingers up to the County Court repossession system that de facto helps them to jump the queue for council housing.

    Motability has admitted that up to 100,000 disabled people could have to hand back the vehicles they lease under its car scheme, because of the government’s cuts and reforms to disability living allowance (DLA).

    Motability currently has about 600,000 customers, who all use their higher rate mobility component of DLA to lease a vehicle.

    But the government’s reform of working-age DLA, which will see it replaced by a new personal independence payment (PIP), will involve cuts of 20 per cent to spending by 2015-16, with an estimated 500,000 working-age disabled people losing their right to DLA/PIP.

    Disabled people will only continue to be eligible to lease a vehicle through the Motability scheme if they are awarded the PIP enhanced mobility element.

    Motability admitted for the first time this week, during a workshop at a conference organised by Disability Rights UK, that an estimated 100,000 of its customers – based on government forecasts – could lose their eligibility for the scheme over the three years to 2016."

    Maybe a good time to watch the car auctions .......
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  2. Good. Total rip-off of the taxpayer, they should withdraw all but the ones in rural/remote areas.
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  3. it's a scheme that's wide open to abuse, but they'll probably need to be careful how they action the axing.

    Very, very touchy subject for the lobby groups (from experience).
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  4. It's a start I suppose, if it happens.
  5. Woman around the corner has her mongoloid child in a 'residential' home all but two weekends a month, and gets one to collect him and deliver him back. Except that the kicks off in cars so the home ferries him, she uses the car to take frequent invigorating trips to Dartmoor.

    There's a sodding great Mini dealership in 'big town' with a big notice about getting a ****ing Mini-Cooper on your Motability.

    MINI motability
  6. BB. A potential interesting post.......... However why did you have to go off at a tangent and bring in your concerns as a landlord?
    IMHO two good points, each diminished by the inclusion of the other.
  7. A guy I work with has a mobility car.
    He had a new Seat Ibiza Sport in the summer.
    All he has to pay for is the petrol. All the tax, insurance, and running costs are paid for by the state.

    To be fair to him he's in rag order with his hips. They're basically crumbling to pieces and he's on a waiting list to have operations on both, but he also needs an operation on his heart first. And if he didn't have the car, he wouldn't be able to get to work. So he'd be more of a drain on society.

    On the other hand, I also know someone who crashed his car into the back of a lorry a few years ago, resulting in him having pins in his leg. He now walks with a slight limp, but has been awarded a mobility car for life due to his "disability" (he's about 38yrs old). He's also a lorry driver. And he's a blagging bastard as well.
  8. I've loads of similar stories, one was a man some years ago who had been in long term care for maybe ten years. The son had a free car but only visited his Dad on his birthday and Christmas, except when he couldn't put himself out.
  9. The first chap could get to work by taxi or mobility bus I imagine.
  10. So, out of 600,000 people on DLA, 500,000 will lose it, but motability expect that up to 100,000 will be taken off the scheme. We must assume therefore, that in future, 400,000 people not entitled to DLA, will still somehow be entitled to lease a car from motability.

    And where does anyone get the idea that to be entitled to lease a car from motability, one has to prove that they're unfit to drive?
  11. 600,000 motanility cars at say £10,000 each (or more?) is £6,000,000,000, over three years (after 3 yrs they get a new one I believe) = £2,000,000,000 pa. Sod that you can buy an awful lot of smarties with that sort of money, now wonder we're sodding broke! - feel a rant coming on and our CEO is in today so have to pretend to be nice to people, off to fume quietly.
  12. Well according to the guidelines you need one or more of the following:
    1. You are unable to walk.
    2. You are virtually unable to walk.
    3. The exertion required to walk would constitute a danger to your life or would be
    likely to lead to a serious deterioration in your health.
    4. You have no legs or feet (from birth or through amputation).
    5. You are both deaf and blind.
    6. You are entitled to the highest rate care component and you are
    severely mentally impaired with extremely disruptive and dangerous behavioural

    So 5 and 6 should exlude you from driving at least.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Hell yeah! I worked with a bloke who's mom was provided with a Ford Mondeo as a motability car,she couldn't drive so her son was the named driver,now this was before the taxi licence plates became law over here,so any old sod with a PSV licence could become a taxi driver.
    The mom lived in Ballybeen with the son I worked with but the son who had the car lived in Banbridge,some forty odd miles away & used it as a taxi in the town.
  14. Possibly taxi, but it would cost a fortune, and knowing what he's like he'd jack the job in. His journey is approximately 25 miles to work. But what are these mobility buses that you speak of?