10 years since we left Hong Kong

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Cant believe its 10 years since we left Hong Kong, I never got out there myself, but many have said it was the best posting to be had, just watching BBC parliment channel which is showing the whole day from 1997 (1800 - 2315), sad to see really, HK police look good drilling with their 303's though! I bet theres a few on Arrse with HK tales to tell.

    Makes you wonder where will get handed over next? Gibraltar?

    p.s forgotten how horny Pattens daughters were!
  2. Not really the same thing. HK was on a lease, which ran out. Gibraltar is ours. Then again, with this government, who knows!
  3. Yup you're dead right Hong Kong was on a 99 year lease. When we signed it we had the biggest empire the world had seen and we must've chuckled at the 'ignorant' Chinese who we thought we'd duped.

    The Chinese tend to think in hundreds of years as opposed to the day-to-day way we do. Best quote from one of their foreign ministers "what do you think the effect of the French revolution will be?" "Too early to say" came the reply.

    Devilishly clever :D
  4. A truer word was never spoken, Britain made a fortune out of Opium with the Chinese insisting that we paid in silver.

    Can't remember how we did it but we stuffed them in the end, didn't we?
  5. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I use to like to visit HK and had many nice vacations there. I haven't visited HK since the UK left. It was a VERY enjoyable city to vist and shop in, unlike any other city in the world.

    I just don't feel comfortable, visiting or vacationing in a County ruled by a Communist regime.

    My wife, wants to tour China; however, so far I have been able to avoid visiting there. I suspect she will get her way in the end. ;)
  6. Intresting point for the 99 year lease, on the BBC re run showing they ran a piece about the history og how we came to get Hong Kong, aparently originally the harbour and waterfront were given to Britain for ever, it was only at the treay of Peking that extended to the New Territories and Kowloon that the 99 lease deal was struck.

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  7. I think you'll find that the 99 year lease only applied to the New Territories. Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and Lantau Island were British "in perpetuity."

    The reality was, though, that with the return of the New Territories to China, the remainder would be unable to feed and water itself as the NT comprised most of the farming land and reservoirs.

    Ceding HK to China under certain conditions (HK is now a "Special Administrative Region" (SAR)), was preferable to the potential of China laying siege and taking the place at a time that suited.
  8. On the personal history side, I stayed at Blackdown Bks in 1989. At that time there were some thoughts of improving the place. Presumably there were some hopes that the lease could be extended. The Red Wall Tavern was a popular local for our mob.

    I revisited the place in 1996 when I was working there for my civvy firm. Blackdown Bks had been closed for a little while, but there were still some Ghurkas in the Guardroom beyond the locked gates. I called into The Red Wall Tavern and ordered a Tsing Tao for old times' sake.

    I went back again in 2001, again on a civvy job. Blackdown Bks was no more - just an area of concrete hardstand. It surprised me that the government couldn't find a use for the multi-storey vehicle park that was a main feature of the barracks - it must have been one of the few car parks in the world that could accommodate tanks! I called into The Red Wall Tavern again and had difficulty getting a beer - English was no longer spoken and I was looked upon with suspicion.

    HK has changed a lot over the last 11 years. The Gwailos must now realise that they don't have the privileges that they used to have. The bars and eateries reflect this, catering less for the ex-pat westerner and more for the affluent Chinese businessman.
  9. I remember watching it all on BFBS from building 22, divulje barrcks, split

    seems like yesterday watching the truck loads of them stood in the back all to attention for hours
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    A Couple of points:

    Indeed the Treaty was based on the New Territories, the reat being "in perpetuity, but it was for 150 years not 99.

    I thought that the coverage was fantastic, great drill from the badgeless regiment and well performed all round.

    Patten's leaving was particularly poinient, all the goodbye hugs etc - it showed the mark of the man!

    The greateat comment of the night though was his retrospect:

    When we reached Manila, in The Phillapeans, they fired a 21 Gun Salute.
    It was only afterwards that we found out they used live ammunition.

    A very emotional way to bring down the Flag on part of the Empire!
  11. Bugger robbed of a bloody good posting
  12. The leased bit was the New Territories south into Kowloon as far as Boundary Street (strangely). The lease also included the islands in Deep Bay (to the west) and Mirs Bay (to the east). The islands to the south of Hong Kong island (if you get a sufficiently detailed map) still belonged to the PRC.

    I had a mixed time in HK (81-83). I enjoyed working with the Gurkhas and was lucky to be employed on the border rather than in Kowloon or on the island. British ORs were 'poor whites' in Hong Kong and I was not the only one who relished the place being returned to the PRC. If we felt sorry for anyone it was the ordinary Chinese who had fled the PRC and would have nowhere else to go. I was gobsmacked recently to discover how close we may have come to fighting the yellow hordes in 82.

    I will always remenber the good times though, the Better 'Ole in Fanling, beer so cold it gave you a headache, lunch with a serving VC holder but never the 912 steps up to Kong Shan OP!

    Strangely it was my time in HK that persuaded me to emigrate to Australia.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    A REME mate of mine who comes from NI was offered a choice of 2 postings after Granby,Thiepval in Lisburn or Hong Kong.
    He took Thiepval!!
  14. Who watched "In the line of fire"? :wink:
  15. One of my mates dads went out there in the late 80's, I remember him telling us (as impressionable 18 yr olds!) that upon arrival the battlion went down town and ended up having a mass brawl with some local triads, a sad story as well that one of the guys got hooked on the bavarian marching powder and started ticking it from one of the triad gangs, he must of ticked too much though because he went awol and was found a few days later down a back alley with his throat cut! I dont know if it was a true story or another army urban myth?