10 years since Kosovo

Either en-route to Thessalonika to pick up\drop off kit or at Camp Arctic Circle in Macedonia. Sweating, and wondering why I wasn't on my resettlement course as I'd just got back from a tour of Bosnia in March and signed off!
I'd spent the best part of the past 3 years on tour and was fed up. I remember when Brig Cross (later Maj Gen) came to visit 19 Sqn and got very angry when he found out that the vast majority of our unit had been on tour for almost a year due to double touring and other bad planning.
The-Goose said:
Where were you 10 years ago?
It wasn't my fault, Guv, honest!

In a big building planning to invade a small region in the Balkans which no-one had heard of.



"Where's that?"

"I don't know..."


Digging up a Proof Range in Jockland that had never, ever, ever had any live ammo warheads on it. not even during WW1 and WW2 :roll:

Wondering WTF we were doing getting involved further.
At home, thinking to myself that we were bombing the wrong side.
Sat on my bergan as R1 lead coy in JRRF in a Cdo that was lead Cdo. Oh I forgot Dracula that RM loving chap was in charge...
smartascarrots said:
At home, thinking to myself that we were bombing the wrong side.
Same, Having done end of Grapple I, (beginning of April'93 onwards) till the end of Grapple II; did we make a fecking mistake?

Never did Kosovo myself, fortunately............but they are closely linked to the Albanians so thank feck William Wilberforce is not around to see what we as an Army (at the behest of a Labour Government) have managed to feck up.

( For the uneducated; W.W was an independant representing Hull and later Yorkshire)

Kosovans = Albanians=Drugs as well as Sex slaves (willing or unwilling).............oh hang on they also get a freebie into the EU!
Forastero said:
Sat in a field in Macedonia. Waiting..
Ditto. It was quite a big field from what I remember, as we waited for the mighty 5 AB Bde.

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