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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobath, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Well, its been ten years to the day that a woman known to most poeple simply as Mother passed away.

    A brief search of some of the biggest news agancies found only small articles, mostly of the "On this day" type that had anything to do with her passing.

    I know it's pointless to shout at the wind but how come the anavesery of the death of Princess Diana could gain so much world-wide media attention and the death of an old woman that devoted her whole adult life to others gains so little.

    Has New Labour finally got it wish? Do we now live in a world were style matters so much and substance counts for so little? Am I depressing myself? Should I get out more?

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  2. what are you dribbling on about?
  3. Dare I ask - to whom do you refer ??
  4. Your mother has died? Sorry to hear that.

  5. Mother Theresa.
  6. Oh, that old bint. Bloody do-gooders.
  7. Sorry, reading back it does look a bit sh1t. Thought I put her name in there. Yes Mother Theresa

    Thats what happens when you go and put the kettle on mid rant.

    Neck wound in.
  8. She got made into a Saint didn't she, is that not enough!!!
  9. She was clever enough to die within days of Diana, thereby passing off the rader of news agencies preoccupied with celebs.
  10. She has been beatified as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, but hasn't been canonised yet.

    I too have been suffering from an internal conflict between a woman who shunned worldly goods, spent 40 years looking after the poor, the sick and the orphaned, won the Nobel Peace Prize, founded a charitable religious order with 4,500 members operating 610 missions in 210 countries and brokered a cease fire to rescue 37 children trapped in a Beirut hospital; and an attractive, wealthy woman who hugged sick children, married the heir to the throne, backed every cause celebre possible and committed adultery.

    I am not anti Diana, I merely object to the obscene amount of weight granted her by the media and the public at large.
  11. I found the Elton John tribute quite moving - Sandals in the Bin
  12. Mother Teresa may not have been the saint the catholic church makes her out to be, as a bit of googling will quickly show. She was at least as good at media manipulation as Diana.
  13. Granted once she had achieved fame, she made the most of it for the betterment of her causes; the results speak for themselves. She certainly didn't enjoy the trappings of fame or fortune however.
  14. And her fame was earned because she eschewed the trappings, etc.... that was what made her newsworthy.

    She didn't become famous for tossing an artful curl and batting her vacant blue eyes at the cameras.