10 Years on Since Dr David Kelly Died.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. STEPHEN GLOVER: Ten years ago today, Dr Kelly's body was found. The subsequent cover-up is one of the great scandals of our age | Mail Online

    Did the Blair Government 'sex up' the Iraqi war dossier?

    Did Dr Kelly spill the beans to a Journo that the war dossier made 'exaggerated claims'?

    How many who frequent this forum and with the basic NBC training as was handed down in the Cold War years could see the dossier was bollocks from the moment they published it?

    Remember it is this one document on which Blair made the case for war and the vote passed in the House of Commons. Granted it had cross party support and it was whipped but should we expect our MP's to have at least a little knowledge on missile technology and the ability of Iraq to strike far off targets, after all they have access to some of the highest paid advisers in the Country..... The Dossier particularly mentioned the Crown bases on Cyprus were in range of Saddam's missiles.

    Was Dr Kelly 'silenced'?
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  2. I don't believe they murdered him but they plainly hounded him to death.

    Blair and Campbell are war criminals and ought to be hanged.
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  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    You cannot hang them. I have dreamt for ten years of winning the lottery to be a part of the firing squad.
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  4. Kelly should have been jailed straightaway, you break the Official Secrets Act you go to Prison, unless your a Politician "leaking it" or whistleblower, a crime is a crime.
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  5. Kelly was trying to prevent politicians starting an illegal and disastrous war. He failed and it cost him his sanity and his life, but he was a good and courageous man, and he was both right and in the right.

    I take my hat off to him.
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  6. Break the Official Secrets Act (talking to BBC) and in the right, Check.
  7. Firing Squad ? You soft bastard...;-) proper old fashioned hang, draw and quarter. Done right it's hours of pain, squealing and thrashing around. And you can make one watch whilst you do the other ;-)
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  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The OSA was never meant to be, although used by all governments as, a means of hiding things the government may be embarrassed by. Dr Kelly IMO was absolutely correct in bringing these issues to light.

    We were sent into a totally inappropriate war using information that the PM wanted to remain unchallenged, Dr Kelly ensured that the challenge was made and is still being made.

    Dr Kelly was the first UK casualty of that war.
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  9. And this is why it's bad to force people to take "any job they are offered" children.
  10. Kelly did not face prosecution, says MoD | Mail Online

    Part of the speculation on to why he had taken his own life was because MOD had threatened prosecution along with loss of pension.

    They denied it of course but make your own mind up.

    All this has to be balanced against Dr Kelly, his expertise and his service to the Country over a number of years.

    David Kelly (weapons expert) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    He was the authoritative scientific voice on what was going down at the time not some back street chemist from Porton Down trying to stir it up for the Government.

    In short if you have a civil servant criticizing Government Intelligence as flawed they do not come any better qualified than Dr Kelly.

    A truly inspired man and the way the Authorities treated him was criminal.

    In balancing Dr Kelly's action you also have to consider the conversation between Blair and Bush where Blair is alleged to have promised UK military intervention in Iraq. This again was also suspected at the time.

    For some strange reason they are supressing the truth coming out to this very day....

    Blair-Bush Iraq war transcript may be suppressed | Politics | theguardian.com
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  11. Sir Humphrey:
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  12. Look, if you're going to get involved with that level of civil service/government/shady agency dealing you are going to encounter... dubious, wrong and just plain illegal practice. No two ways about it. If you're over 25 you'll probably be able to draw experience from your own life.

    Talk to the wrong people about it (which is anyone really) and you'll very likely spend your last hour in the company of some large men, who, should they be feeling well disposed to you and possibly in recognition of your previous service, will take you to somewhere nice and peaceful where you feel comfy, to expire quietly.

    Ten years later people will talk about you as a hero or as a traitorous ladies' part. You won't care. You'll be dead.

    Currently I hold the same view as the Doctor himself.
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  13. None of the people invovled in this sad tale come out looking good Blair/campbell the press and the whitehall Mafia all must share some guilt over the death of this man.

    While thinking Dr kelly's motives were good he was a bit naive in his dealings with what is a very cynical British Press and this led him to come under pressure from all angles.
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  14. So you agree that Snowden and Manning were right to do what they did as well ?
  15. I have a curious degree of sympathy for Snowden, which I don't quite understand myself.
    I'd happily have seen Manning take a stroll up Harrowdown Hill.
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