10 Years from now, what do you think you will be doing?


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Where will you be in 10 years from now, obviously you don't know for sure but where can you see yourselves? I asked a few friends today and it made them think, i can see myself somewhere completely different from now, new friends, new scenery!
Whilst not at the rugby or following F1/motoGP i'll be in my garage polishing my collection of vintage cars and motorbikes and planning my next trip using said cars and bikes to raise money for my favorite charities.

Oh and cooking the best sunday lunch you have ever seen!
Ten years from now? Looking forward to another twenty years of graft and then dying horribly in a parkinsons-induced stepladder accident at B&Q - provided, of course, I can still find B&Q (if indeed it still exists) and remember why I'm going there.
Probably thinking i shouldnt have sold my Chevelle Street Rod this week either. Only been gone 3 days and i want to go to the garage now and tinker.
I'll have given up on trying to be an engineer in this country and either quit and become a manager at ASDAs (because they make more money and have a piss easy job) or will have left to go to a country where engineering is appreciated.



10 years ago we made the big move to SA, it has been a great ten years but if someone had asked me 10 years before that where would you be 10 years from now.. I really doubt SA would have been on the list.

Just shows that whatever you plan for is not what will happen. My plans were for something entirely different.

So in 10 years time where will I be.....no ******* idea, just hope it is as good as where I am now!


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Where will you be in 10 years from now,
Ooh it is a job interview. Goody. I haven't done none of these for yonks.

What makes you thing I would want to work for a Muppet who asks stupid questions and why are you wearing plastic shoes? That tie & shirt combination... what were you thinking?

I dunno is the answer to your question. Can I have a double espresso and a fizzy water? Have I got the job er what?
The same as today: check emails, check Arrse threads, go knock around some snooker balls, come home and re-check email and Arrse threads. Then after all that heavy activity it should be close to beer o'clock. If not totally exhausted, may possibly swing a leg over to celebrate another spectacular day.

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