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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by RU99, May 30, 2011.

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  1. Last time I saw my old man was 10 years ago today. It was a Wednesday, and he was a regular Army training Major at 34 Sigs TA in Middlesbrough. He went off out on his racing bike in the afternoon and got hit by a car. Any body remember him? He was from Aberdeen and had 8 kids, was in the Signals for 25 years.

    He loved the Army, and was proud to be part of the Royal Corps. Just wondered if anyone one in here knew him.
  2. would probably need a couple more clues as to his identity mate
  3. George W, was at Ouston before I was born, 39 Inf Bde HQ and Sig Sqn when I was born, 16 Sigs in Krefeld and 2 Sigs in York and a few more postings in between.
  4. Feel for you, Mate, I was in 69-91, so we served at the same time but don't think I knew him.

    I hope the two buggers I spawned do something like this when I pop off this Mortal Coil, doubt it, somehow.
  5. I do believe he was our training major. I think I joined just after the accident, all those who knew him were greatly affected by his passing.
  6. Yes I knew him and indeed your family as we were neighbours.

    So you know I am not winding you up as far as I recall our parents had a maroon van.
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  7. You have a pm mate.
  8. Yes I knew him. It was indeed a sad loss. I feel for you and your family. I can’t believe that it has been 10 years already.

    It was obvious that he made an impact on a good many people judging by the turn out for his funeral and I have not been to a funeral where a life was celebrated more.

    A true gent.


  9. Thank you for that Q, I have sent you a PM.

    It really is helping me feel better knowing that there are people that haven’t forgotten him, thank you.
  10. hello, 4 this 2, its just over, not out.
  11. He was my troop commander in Verden (1978/79) I used to babysit for George and Linda when they only had 2 daughters.

    He was a friend as well as a boss.

    I was gutted when I heard about what happened to him.
  12. RU99 I hope you don't mind but I posted a link to your fathers on-line memorial on the 34 SR(V) Facebook group.
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  13. Not at all, cheers mate.
  14. Yes knew him too when I was in 34 Sigs... great bloke. 10 years.

    Also 3 years since another (ex) 34 Sigs guy died on ops 'Tomo' cas no 96 in Afghanistan, also a great bloke.