10 year old shoots mother

Discussion in 'US' started by StJohnguy, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. This has just been posted on the Times website:-

    Boy, 10, charged with murdering his mother ‘in row about fetching food’

    Will Pavia New York
    1 minute ago

    A ten-year-old boy from the rural heart of Ohio has appeared in court accused of murdering his mother in a case that has shocked neighbours and the police.

    The boy is alleged to have shot his mother, Deborah, with a .22 calibre rifle in the family home near Big Prairie, in rolling countryside between Cleveland and Columbus.

    Officers investigating the alleged murder have said the boy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, may have got the rifle as a present from his late grandfather. They found four weapons in the boy’s bedroom: on the bed was a .22 rifle and a loaded 12-gauge shotgun; mounted on a gun rack above the bed were two more .22 calibre rifles.

    The motive was unclear but a sheriff speculated that the killing might have followed a row with the boy’s mother after he was asked to collect firewood.

    He appeared in a juvenile court on Monday in Millersburg where he entered the equivalent of a not-guilty plea. Andrew Hyde, his lawyer, said: “We have entered a denial. They have charged him with murder. He’s not denying that he did the shooting, we are just dening the charge of murder.”

    Mr Hyde was appointed to defend the boy on Monday. “When I met him it was the morning after his mother died. He was very emotional. He doesn’t have the framework to deal with this,” he said.

    Asked if the shooting could have been an accident, the lawyer replied: “I have got nothing to lead me to believe he initially tried to kill his mother.”

    Nathan Fritz, the chief deputy of Holmes County Sheriff’s Office, said that it was “my understanding he confessed”. He added that the boy had not offered any explanation for his actions.

    Steve Knowling, the prosecutor, said he had never seen a case like it. “We have crime here like everywhere else. But we don’t see a lot of violent crime and we don’t have crime where ten-year-olds are shooting their mothers.”

    Authorities were called to the victim’s home, a garage converted into a three-room flat, on Sunday evening by a neighbour. “The boy had come to the neighbour’s house and asked him to call 911,” said Mr Knowling. “He said he had shot his mother. She was dead in the house, from a single shot from a .22 rifle that was in the boy’s bedroom.”

    Relatives, including Deborah’s mother, lived nearby. The victim was found face down in the living room. and had been shot in the head. Officers recovered a single shell casing. Her daughter, 15, was said to have been at home at the time.

    On Monday another son, aged 21, told said that his mother was a “very loving lady” who worked with children with learning disabilities. Neighbours were shocked. Ron Martin, 43, said that the boy swam in his pool. “He wasn’t a bad kid,” he said. “He has had some problems in the school [but] never anything that you would have dreamt that he would go out and shoot his mother.”

    Mr Fritz said the boy had been disciplined in 2007 for hitting his head teacher with a dustpan. Later he had been transferred to a school for children with behavioural problems.

    Prosecutors said it is not unusual for children of his age to hunt although they would not usually keep the weapons over their beds. Mr Knowling said there were a lot of hunters in the area. “They start them at a young age, but no one is going to have ammunition readily available to a child.” He said it was “highly unusual” for a child to have guns and ammunition in their room.

    The boy is expected to be kept in a juvenile facility while the case is investigated. Mr Hyde told The Daily Record, a local newspaper, that his client seemed like any other boy whose mother had died and who was attempting to understand the consequences.

    What can one say.
  2. Will the US be executing this one?
  3. Hopefully.
  4. What kind of mong gives a 10-year-old unsupervised access to multiple firearms and ammunition?
  5. dead onesten letters
  6. A child with diagnosed behavioural problems to boot. Sometimes Darwin doesn't kick in early enough.
  7. Is there a legal loophole whereby you could be strapped to a chair and get plugged into the mains? If not, then the Obama administration has been a real waste.
  8. You don't know what monstrous little shits children can be.
  9. Ignore the dribbler. He's just trolling again, as ever.
  10. Again? I've never noticed arby before. Thanks for the warning.
  11. Please stop.
  12. Stop what, dear?
  13. 10 yr old with unsupervised access to a gun and ammo that was never going to end well even the nra don't suggest children have the right to carry. :(
  14. What kind of legislature lets it happen?
  15. What kind of legislature would stop it happening?
    (not a rhetorical question)